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Domenica Landin

Domenica Landin is an Ecuadorian-born artist and textile designer currently based in London. She is interested in how current technologies have changed the way people look, think and create colour.

Domenica Landin, Future Heritage 2018 Alumni

Landin creates visual artworks that explore new ways of understanding and perceiving the different qualities of colours, in particular, digital colour. She usually takes aspects of the textile language such as texture, pattern and surface qualities, to create colour and material juxtapositions of various media. Meanwhile, she focuses on repetition and construction methods that play with unexpected results. Her practice emphasises process over outcome and by integrating digital and hand-made processes the outcome can take the form of a print, sculpture, installation or textile work. 

Domenica Landin Work

At Future Heritage

Landin’s main piece that she displayed at Future Heritage was a three meter undulating, printed aluminium wall sculpture, with zinging colour arrangements that created an optically compelling visual effect. Its three-dimensional asymmetrical hand-folding intensified its fluid motion. The second part of her display was a set of six large printed aluminium panels outlined by rounded and straight edges that created a dynamic interplay of colour compositions. The print was designed in a way that each panel could be rotated and swapped continuously to create new compositions each time.

“I had the opportunity to exhibit my work next to inspiring and talented people; since then, they have become good friends. During the exhibition I also had the opportunity to meet a wonderful visitor, who gave me the opportunity to work on a very exciting colour-related project.” – Domenica Landin   

Current work

Landin’s latest completed project is the design of a collection of silk scarves for a textiles manufacturer in China. She is currently working on a mural commission for a public space, which covers a large surface area and plays with principles of colour perception and interaction.  

Landin combines her practice with teaching. She has recently developed and delivered workshops related to textiles, colour, materials and sustainability. Her latest workshop explores the manipulation of plastic waste materials to create different colour compositions. The results are usually unexpected but very exciting. She also recently introduced two new online short courses for UAL.  

Domenica Landin Work

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