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An inside look at why craftsmanship is so important...

In this month’s feature, we shine a light on traditionally-skilled makers paving the way in modern times, and we share insights on some of the talented craftspeople that will be sharing their skills at this year’s Decorex. 

It’s no secret that great interior design requires brilliant craftsmanship to transform a project into something special. But in the fast-paced, mass-producing world we currently live in, true craftsmanship has become somewhat of a rarity. At Decorex, we want to provide a platform for artisans dedicated to their respective crafts and ensure they get the recognition they deserve. After all, it is an art form which requires expert skill, passion and creativity – and it also offers interior designers a quality that can really set them apart from the rest.


Craftsmanship follows time-honoured techniques, respecting the origins and heritage it came from in order to make high-quality pieces. By their very nature, these items – whether it be handmade furniture, glass-blown lighting, or bespoke embroidery – are made to be durable and will last for years to come. This is thanks to the refined skills and unique processes that have been preserved and passed down from generation to generation. Each piece has the ability to tell a story about where it was sourced to how it was made, which helps to bring to life the spaces they are placed in, further enhancing the appeal of true craft.

But maintaining these standards is challenging in today’s world. Long lasting pieces made from quality materials are, of course, a sustainable option, but not everyone wants an antique. Fortunately we are seeing a new wave of craftspeople coming into the foreground. These modern makers are taking traditional processes and techniques and finding a place for them to continue in present-day design. 

One of our favourite artisans whose work gives a nod to both process and provenance is Natascha Maksimovic, better known as Nat Maks. You may have discovered this outstanding designer during the show last year at Making Spaces 2022. Nat Maks’ work currently focuses on ‘suminagashi’ – a form of marbling. She creates innovative art pieces by fusing traditional techniques with contemporary and expressive colour palettes. We are delighted that Nat Maks has collaborated with us to design the stunning visual branding for Decorex 2023.

“There’s something quite rare and romantic about true craftsmanship,” says Natascha. “It is a vital part of the design world which is why we should strive to not only preserve, but bring these skills forward into the future and allow them to grow and thrive,” she adds. 

At Decorex, we’re proud to be giving a platform to contemporary craftsmanship and highlighting new talent. As part of our commitment to craft and after a great response and huge success in 2022, Making Spaces is back at Decorex this year.

The space will allow 15 makers to demonstrate the process behind the creation of their products, all of which have been hand-picked by our diverse and experienced committee. This year’s committee includes the likes of award winning TV presenter, Jay Blades, and Bunny Turner, one half of Turner Pocock, as well as Deborah Pocock, CEO of QEST. Deborah comments: “The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST) supports both traditional and contemporary craft skills, ensuring that these skills are relevant for the 21st century and beyond. We believe that by supporting the next generation of professional makers, we can enable them to have fulfilling and creative careers, whatever their background or circumstance, whilst pushing the boundaries of materials and techniques.”

Lousia Pacifico, Founder of Future Icons; Selina McCabe, Senior Partner and Head of Interiors at Winch Design; Joshua Hudson, Furniture Lead at Rycotewood Furniture Centre; Jo Sealy, Head of Marketing for The Black Artisans; Kerryn Harper-Cuss, Freelance Editor & Content Director; and Annie Warburton, CEO of Cockpit make up the rest of the committee. We’ve also partnered with their respective communities to bring together Making Spaces this year, to highlight new talent and give a platform to craftspeople from a variety of backgrounds. 

Elsewhere in Decorex, there are a number of brands exhibiting where the importance of craftsmanship runs deep throughout their product offering. Officine Gullo’s luxury kitchen designs ooze traditional Florentine craftsmanship, yet are filled with practical modern features. Despite operating at-large, THG Paris still maintains traditional processes to create beautiful brassware at incredibly high-quality. Heirlooms combine the finest materials and traditional methods to create luxury linens, and Fiona McDonald handmakes furniture to bespoke specifications. The meticulous skill that goes into Marc Wood’s lighting by a small team of makers results in gem-like creations which really will be a must-see at the show. 

Throughout Decorex later this year, you’ll be sure to uncover exquisite craftsmanship in a variety of forms. It is the go-to exhibition to source uniquely crafted pieces for your next interior design project – be sure to visit us at Olympia from 8-11 October 2023. 

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