Decorex’s Top 5 Transitional Décor Round-Up


Transitional décor is being exhibited increasingly by some of our favourite designers and brands to tremendous effect. For those that aren’t well acquainted with the term, transitional style is a marriage of traditional and contemporary furniture, finishes, materials and fabrics – equating to a timeless, elegant finish.  

Decorex presents a round-up of brands and designers that are best using transitional décor to create a seamless blend of old and new – for an overall effect that will last the test of time.  

1. Bert Frank  

Decorex Bert Frank Masina Collection
Bert Frank - Masina Collection


Bert Frank’s award-winning lighting designs are inspired by mid-century styles but adapted for today's interiors. Being a much-loved exhibitor at Decorex, the brand has managed create a reputation for producing timeless, high quality UK made products. Many of their original pendants, table lamps and wall lights reflect art deco and mid-century sensibilities, all with a modern twist.  

A strong supporter of British design and craftsmanship, Bert Frank’s work is manufactured with skilled workmanship from expert artisan producers across the stone, glass and ceramics industry. Their deisgns combine age-old manufacturing techniques with cutting edge technology, making them a prime example of transitional décor working beautifully. 


2. Charlotte Gaisford  

Decorex Charlotte Gaisford Collection
Charlotte Gaisford Collections


Charlotte Gaisford is another ambassador of transitional style; her detailed fabrics and wallpapers are all designed in her Northumberland studio. The British designer uses vibrant colours and intricate patterns to tell a story, quite often revealing the journey of how the pieces were created.  

“Often I am asked to look at old wallpapers in a historic building and given the opportunity to bring them back to life,” Gaisford reveals. Charlotte Gaisford’s materials often emulate a traditional opulence with a contemporary infusion – tropical birds and serene creatures make a common appearance in her work and add that extra charm.  


3. Ian Mankin

Decorex Ian Mankin Collection
Ian Mankin Collections


If you are in search of transitional décor ideas, step into the world of Ian Mankin. Renowned British weaver of designer fabrics, Ian Mankin makes use of simple colour schemes and traditional techniques, all brought together in contemporary living spaces. Mankin’s products are all made from 100% natural and organic fibres, using tactile weaves in natural and timeless styles. 

Last year, Ian Mankin teamed up with heritage charity The Landmark Trust to launch 1485, a collection inspired by historic properties that were in the charity’s care between 1485 and 1603. Each of the designs in this collection stem from architectural landmarks and decorative surfaces, featuring both the Herringbone Weave and the Peake’s Check.  


4. Pinton

Decorex Pinton Collection
Pinton Collection


History is at the root of Pinton’s elegant tapestries, carpets, rugs and art editions – craftsmanship flows into every aspect of their creation process. With 150 years of experience in hand-weaving on low-warp-looms in their workshops in Felletin, they have managed to keep age-old traditions alive.  

Pinton’s most outstanding pieces involve abstract shapes and bold colours that reflect more current trends in design, whilst retaining their characteristic archaic structure. The brand has proven time and again that ancient practices can be combined with modern motifs to make them feel at home in a modern setting. 


5. Orac Décor  

Decorex Orac Decor Collection
Orac Décor Collections


Orac Décor have helped us to realise the wonders of coving and why they should be our next coveted element in design. Their 3D wall covering profiles manage to create an unexpectedly playful yet sophisticated effect – one that harks back to original features seen in a Victorian stately home.  

Orac Décor’s coving designs range from extravagant to subtle moulds that manage to gracefully frame a room. Cover a complete wall or install as wainscoting for an eye-catching result that feels simultaneously contemporary and traditional. Orac Décor strive to use sustainable materials to ensure their longevity; this also certifies their thermal and acoustic insulating properties. 


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