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Decorex X NAT MAKS

The wonderful NAT MAKS was the creative behind our branding of Decorex 2023. 

NAT MAKS is Natascha Maksimovic, a designer, artist and wallpaper maker. The NAT MAKS studio is currently working in the time-honoured art form of ‘Suminagashi’ marbling; creating innovative art pieces by fusing traditional techniques with contemporary and expressive colour palettes.

"Decorex is a show like no other. The recognition and support the show provides to new craftspeople is invaluable to the interiors industry. This is very much reflected in Decorex's attendees who are keen to discover new talent and get involved in the process. I'm very excited to get everyone involved with marbling during Decorex 2023."
- Natascha Maksimovic, NAT MAKS


Natascha has previously worked at the top echelons of the movie industry, including working alongside Sir Ridley Scott. After moving into her own practice Natascha has maintained her love for imagery, craftsmanship and collaboration. The studio now creates equally epic and cinematic murals for any environment. 

NAT MAKS Design Style:

Wallpaper making and paper marbling art have been listed as an endangered craft by The Heritage Crafts Association. NAT MAKS is constantly striving to innovate and re-imagine these crafts, resulting in the preservation of them and keeping them alive. Nat is also successful at making this craft both relevant and accessible for the future.  

Decorex Relationship with NAT MAKS:

Having featured at Decorex 2022, NAT MAKS was a hit with our attendees. After this success, the next logical step was to build on our relationship through a collaboration that truly made sense. The creative direction behind this year’s branding was directly inspired by Nat, the result is an explosive piece of art that is bursting with colour and originality. 
“We discovered Nat Maks in May last year and since then have followed her journey which involved taking part in the Making Spaces feature at Decorex 2022. Her work is so beautiful, colourful and interactive that we made a very early decision to ask her to create the basis of the 2023 Decorex creative campaign. Not only is it great to highlight one of the talented makers in our industry, but the uniqueness of Nat’s marbling offers us a bright and colourful background for this year’s event. Nat has been a joy to work with and I can’t wait to see the rest of this design’s journey through our website, print adverts, social media and latterly at the show.”
- Sam Fisher, Event Director

The Creative

The creative behind the 2023 branding features autumnal tones including deep oranges and complex greens, beautifully complementing the time of year in which Decorex takes place. The marbling effect used by NAT MAKS juxtaposes these colours creating an impactful piece that is bursting with colour and originality.

The curvature of the orange creative is synonymous with the arch of the Olympia, where the event is situated, highlighting not only the burgundy copy but also bringing in a soft contrast of the marbling effects that gently disrupts the fluidity of the overall piece.

NAT MAKS carefully curated these pieces, allowing us to then tailor them further to suit the vision of this year’s event. The result is truly mesmerising, highlighting the power that those within the design community have in creating something truly captivating.