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The Colour Café

The Colour Café, designed and built by YesColours, focused on colourful yet sustainable design and feature a kaleidoscope of colours and brand partners that showcased the positive impact colour can have on residential, commercial and public spaces.

The café also featured pods for 'meet and greets', areas for content capture and a relaxed break-out area. Furniture was provided by Merchant & Found

About YesColours

YesColours is an award winning sustainable paint brand with interior design services. Backed by an experienced team of designers and industry experts, they are changing the landscape of interior decor with innovative paints and packaging that aim to reduce waste along with promoting the use of colour in design to enhance wellbeing, promote creativity and diversity.

Their paints are vegan, Made in Britain, BREEAM certified and their design services have already been commissioned by clients ranging from retail, hotels, workplaces, pop-ups and events.

Find out more about YesColours' Colour Cafe here.

Merchant & Found

Merchant & Found was founded in 2018, with the aim of creating an accessible timeless home brand deeply rooted in a passion for design, craftsmanship and quality.. Vintage will always be at the heart of the company, bringing to the consumer a vision of products to love, to live with, to use every day, to bring pleasure in daily life. Expect to see furniture provided by Merchant & Found at The Colour Cafe this year!