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Le Boudoir D’Corexxx 

A Weekly Extravaganza of Luxury and Allure

‘Lady Linbury, “Lady” being her actual first name given at birth, was as playful and particular as her name suggested. A woman with a distinct vision; one that few would appreciate, let alone understand, until it had been brought to life from the depths of her imagination. 

First Installment 

‘Lady Linbury, “Lady” being her actual first name given at birth, was as playful and particular as her name suggested. A woman with a distinct vision; one that few would appreciate, let alone understand, until it had been brought to life from the depths of her imagination. 

For her, this was a deeply personal transformation. This house - her home. As a physical manifestation of her, it had to be perfect. Like the flawless application of her cool red lipstick, or the completely symmetrical placement of the clips on her suspender belt that no one knew she was wearing.

The designer observed her quietly, watching her eyes narrow as she frantically scanned the compilation of fabric samples, floor plans and colour palettes scattered all over the table. After a minute or so, he finally noticed her gaze land intently on a corner of blood red velvet, peeking out from behind a mood board. He gently slipped the swatch out from beneath the board and placed it in front of her, allowing a moment for her to bask in the beauty of this exquisite material. She was lost in thought.

“Might I suggest we begin with le boudoir?” He proposed softly, as if trying not to disturb her train of thought. His tone was so easy and soothing it made her uncomfortably aware of just how nervous with anticipation she was. Thankfully she was in incredibly capable hands, and perfection is the only option for a space designed by Woulfe.’

Second Installment 

Brian was serious yet thoughtful - an attractive quality. However, it was the occasional flicker of frivolity through his professional exterior that made him even more alluring. Should a prickly situation arise, he would diffuse the tension by weaving into the conversation a cheeky double entendre. He knew how to take people aside and have a gentle word. 

It was this ability to disarm that made Woulfe such a remarkable designer. A master of deciphering exactly what it was his clients wanted. He knew how to become their confidant with whom they could share intimate details and not feel judged. He was a partner, and partnership was what he had cultivated with Lady Linbury.

Lady’s vision for Lé Boudoir was bold and sensuous and Brian knew she was an individual who was willing to push boundaries. He found himself pondering the art of burlesque, which soon became his source of inspiration. 

Tactility would be of utmost importance. The fabrics would be as beautiful and delicate as lingerie slipped off the skin; the tension of the tease ever upholding an air of savoir-vivre. Voyeurism permitted, but always respectful. Guests feeling safe, included and equal. Le Boudoir would capture a universal luxury satisfying everyone.

Brian laid the plans out before her and as per their last meeting, he patiently waited as she absorbed the designs. Her lips silently mouthed the words, skimming the descriptions. He noticed her breathing, the rise and fall of her chest slowing to the point she drew no breath at all. Suddenly her eyes, wide and alert, snapped up and held his hazel stare for a few moments.

“I love it." She whispered. 

“I knew you would.” He whispered back, the corners of his mouth slowly forming a smile.

To be continued…

Third Installment 

“Brian studied the cavernous space - wires hanging from the ceiling, cracked plaster walls, his footsteps hollow thuds on the bare and chalky untreated floorboards. Closing his eyes he sees her in the finished space, by herself in her boudoir for the first time, basking in its opulence and unearthing its carefully hidden treasures. 

Her favourite song, playing loud. The bass so low the frequencies bypass her ear drums but she can feel it through every part of her. Her movement so instinctive, almost organic as her body is possessed by the wall of sound.

The air heavy with vibration wraps around her, the buzz of the molecules ricocheting against her skin. Bringing herself closer with no one there to interfere, all the while secretly willing an imaginary presence to demand her to stop - force her to flirt with the edge, over and over before losing her battle with self control. 

This place is where she can feel anything, Brian thought. The excitement of what Lady does to herself when no one is watching will be nothing compared to the thrill she will feel when someone is.”

Lady Linbury tried to ignore hers, hypnotised by the candles on the dinner table. The wax gradually pooling up near the flame before spilling over and cascading down his back. The sharp clink of glasses brought her focus back into the room – reluctantly.

Stay tuned…

Fourth Installment 

Unsure of whose hands are whose, a finger traces a water droplet along her collarbone. Lips move simultaneously further up her thigh. She tries slowing her breathing from the shock of cold, her chest pressing harder against the cool glass. The sound of rushing water abruptly stops, and so does her stream of consciousness.

“I think you’ll find the water pressure more than satisfactory,” Brian confirms whilst tightening the faucet, thus concluding the walkthrough of the ensuite. A faint yet agreeable “yes” escapes Lady's lips as she replays the scenario in her head.

The velvet of the chaise longue crushes beneath her finger tips. She inhales deeply, the air smelling of fresh paint. The light’s delicate glow casts shadows against the exquisite wallpaper, her eyes trace the elegant shapes. Her Red Spot was being realised and this was just the beginning.

To be continued…

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