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Designing for Wellbeing: Nature Inspired Interiors

We’re exploring the link between nature and interior design, asking whether this is the key to a well-balanced space. Meanwhile, we look at some of the brands who are seamlessly weaving the shapes, colours and textures of nature into their designs. 

Matthew Williamson | Wallpaper Collections

Much like the fashion world, interior design has seen an immeasurable number of trends come and go through the years – while some may return, others dissipate into the ether. One interior design movement that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere is that of ‘biophilia’ – a theory from biologist E. O. Wilson that says humans have an innate and genetically determined affinity with the natural world. But how does this connect with interior design specifically?

Tigermoth | Sand & Sea Lighting Collection

Nature and Wellbeing – What’s the Link? 

According to Mind, there are several health benefits to being surrounded by nature, some include improvement of mood, reduced feelings of stress, improved self-esteem, boost in energy – the list goes on. Likewise, a study conducted by Mathew P. White et al. (2019) showed that spending at least 120 a week in nature is associated with good health and wellbeing.

This corroborates the idea that spending time in a space influenced by nature would boost our wellbeing and generally be a pleasant place to spend time in. More and more, our interiors are being tasked with doing more than just ‘looking pretty’. Instead, interiors are becoming an integral component in our overall health and happiness. 

Frato | Furniture & Lighting Collections

What Brands Are Doing It Well?

There are several interior design brands who have caught onto the idea of nature inspired interiors. A recent article published by Stylist highlighted some must-shop interior items, all of which are inspired by natural forms.

In terms of high-end design, De Gournay’s stunning hand-painted wallpapers have always drawn the eye of interior design lovers. With intricate depictions of meadow flowers or more exotic varieties, their wallcoverings manage to bring a sense of vibrancy into any interior they are adorned. Similarly, Matthew Williamson’s stunning wallpapers mirror nature’s beauty, ranging from delicate wildflowers to flamboyant jungle scenes. 

Matthew Williamson | Wallpaper Collections

In other cases, interior design brands are adopting a more subtle approach to harnessing nature. Frato’s earthy colour palettes give their interior spaces a really cool atmosphere. Each of the products they produce adheres so a soft and neutral tone, making them easy to pair with other items and giving them a fresh feel. Ian Mankin is a key example of harnessing organic, natural materials. His designs are often sleek, with subtle references to nature at times. His Coast Sunrise Abstract Cobalt Throw brings us immediately to the idea of the sun slowly peeking its head over an Azul sea. 

Ian Mankin | Coast Sunrise Cobalt Throw

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