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The Task Force 

We have created the Decorex Sustainability Task Force to reinforce sustainability values within the design industry and to encourage and support our exhibitors to become more sustainable when exhibiting at our show. 

Our aim is to advise, inspire and educate to ensure that we are moving towards a better way of working not just at the show, but year-round. 

We have partnered with some great suppliers, who are already leading the way in being sustainable brands. These companies are all changing the way we think design and will join the Decorex Sustainability Task Force in creating a greener community.

The Decorex Sustainability Task Force Members: 

Edward Bulmer has received the first House & Garden Responsible Designer of the year award and is leading the charge to make the design industry more sustainable. A lot of research and gentle chemistry has gone into perfecting their recipes over the years, producing ‘paint made just the way it should be’.

Decorex and Edward Bulmer share the same passion for making the community more sustainable, resulting in a partnership that is pioneering the way for designers to exhibit sustainably at Decorex and continue these practises year-round.  

Edward Bulmer believes the first step in becoming more sustainable is simply saying no:

·       Say NO to plastic

·       Say NO to needless pollution

·       Say NO to greenwashing 

·       Say NO to big oil

Sustainability is at the core of Haines Collection. They are on a mission to reduce waste in the interiors industry, starting with a resale platform for surplus luxury products as well as an online home for eco-conscious designers.

They encourage designers to think the following:

·       Do I really need this and can I do this better?

·       Is there a non-plastic alternative, and if not just make sure there is no plastic used at all.

·       Before an event assess the impact am I having - travel, social, etc.

Haines Collection looks at every part of the business and constantly questions how they can make it better. They consider how they run the office (energy, recycling), how employees commute to work, how they ship their products and everything in between. 

Decorex looks forward to collaborating with Haines Collection in making a greener future for the interior design community as well as reducing the impact it has on the wider community. Sharing this passion is what is helping drive the Decorex Sustainability Task Force .

Haines collection – “We think it's refreshing and important for an event leader like Decorex to be talking about making changes. Decorex has the opportunity to inspire people and brands to do the same, so it's extremely important that all learnings are shared and communicated clearly.”

Holmes Bespoke believes in making rugs that are designed to last a lifetime. They follow the world’s best practices and push the boundaries of what’s possible in design to reduce the need for disposal or replacement, creating less of a negative environmental impact. Holmes Bespoke intertwines longevity with quality into a high-quality product that is made by the hands of craftspeople using local, natural and sustainable materials.

Decorex and Holmes Bespoke share the following commitments to sustainability:

·       Quality, durability and longevity - Designed to last a lifetime

·       Reducing waste – Striving to reduce waste through design

·       Partnerships – Partner with brands and causes committed to building a sustainable future

·       Bespoke – Use processes that are designed to be green and tackle sustainability issues

Decorex and Holmes Bespoke are addressing these commitments through the Decorex Sustainability Task Force. In the build up to Decorex 2023, this partnership will be tackling sustainability issues designers face.

In order to measure, monitor and improve the impact of her company, Chloe Bullock, the founder of Materialise Interiors has published an Action Plan . The company has been B Corporation certified from April 2023, so progress will be published each April in the B Corp Impact Report. Giving Back will be also updated at fiscal year end (31st March) and on the company's birthday (18th November).

The Action Plan covers the following: 

  • Net Zero by 2030
  • Influence the industry 
  • Operating the company 
  • Clients' projects
  • Giving back

Part of this Action Plan includes liaison as part of the Decorex Sustainability Task force and in doing so Chloe intends to pave the way for other interior designers and brands to achieve their sustainability goals as well. 

Naturalmat do their fair share to eliminate waste when exhibiting at Decorex. 'Closing the loop' is one of 5 key pillars of Naturalmat’s sustainability strategy, which means they take special care to prevent waste wherever possible. They only use existing beds from their showrooms and reuse decor from previous years' displays. They do not build anything specifically for shows, so nothing is wasted or thrown away at the end.

Sustainability has always been at the heart of Naturalmat since they made their very first mattress back in 1999. By being a part of the Decorex Sustainability Task Force, they can share their sustainability initiatives and support the Decorex community in becoming more sustainable. Naturalmat believes that a strong network of sustainable businesses is key to raising awareness about the importance of reducing our impact on the planet.

In addition to representing Interior Design Declares, Persona Adobes was eager to participate in the Decorex Sustainability Task Force to broaden the diverse range of perspectives in the conversation. 

Persona Adobe Interiors designs for the wellbeing of the People, Place and Planet. Their considerations go beyond a single design and is imbedded in how they operate. The 3 pillars of their brand are as follows:

People - Consideration must be given to how design will affect those within the community.

Place – The places we occupy, and design require attention to remain habitable and functional for our needs today and in the future.

Planet - Persona Abode approaches projects from a prospective of the sustainability, sourcing locally, where possible, as well as considering the impact on the environment at all stages a furniture pieces lifecycle.

The Decorex Sustainability Task Force shares the same values and are collaborating with Persona Adobe Interiors in making a green space for the interior design community to exhibit and network now and for years to come.  

“Decorex's efforts to promote sustainability and lead by example are commendable. By utilising the Taskforce, Decorex is giving voice to users and raising awareness about the challenges involved in adopting a kinder approach.”

Many organisations and individuals in the industry are working hard to take sustainable steps but this is often undertaken in isolation. Exhibiting at Decorex last year connected Soho Lighting with so many like-minded organisations that are making aspirational strides in sustainable fields. The Soho Lighting Company sees joining the Decorex Sustainability Task Force as an “incredible opportunity to create awareness and help drive the changes that are much needed in our industry.”.

When navigating the interior design community, the Soho Lighting Company follows these rules of thumb:

·       Design with the end result in mind

·       Exhibit with the end result in mind

·       There is no Island in sustainable responsibility – learn from others and share what you learn!

The Decorex Sustainability Task Force encourages designers to think similarly and ask themselves how their contributions to the interior design community are having impact.

Studio Suss founder, Simone, is central to the design industry’s sustainability strategy through her work at the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID), the Construction Industry Council Climate Change Committee (CIC) and as a founding signatory of Interior Design Declares. With Sustainability being central to Studio Suss, they look to design responsibility without compromising style.

With the knowledge and expertise of Studio Suss, the Decorex Sustainability Task Force is tackling issues hindering designers from exhibiting sustainability at Decorex. This will enable designers to be responsible not just at our event, but all year round.