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Our Story

Decorex was established in 1978 as a setting for high-end interior design professionals to meet and do business. Over time our mission has evolved, aligning with the changing needs of our industry. For 43 years we have hosted Europe’s leading interior design event – now we want to go a step further. 

We wish to host a truly immersive event that celebrates design in all its forms. Meanwhile, our ambition is to remain an avenue for connection – both physically and digitally. With the release of our year-round digital services, we hope to provide unparalleled opportunities for the design community to connect, learn and flourish. Utilising our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the design world, we’re helping businesses achieve their goals all year round. 

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Our Key Principles

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Decorex champions the best design products made from high-quality materials

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Ours is a curated showcase; we triumph brands handmaking and responsibly sourcing 

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Our talks, features and digital content are bursting with ideas and insight for our community 

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We forge invaluable connections amongst the design elite, both physically and digitally

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“Decorex is very close to my heart. I’ve watched it grow over the last 13 years that I’ve been involved and have been lucky enough to meet the industry’s most creative and inspirational people along the way. Highlights for me include our 40th anniversary in 2017 - Shalini Misra’s exquisite bar and the fun-filled holiday that Turner Pocock made you feel you were on with her VIP Lounge design. Being able to create unique collaborations each year is really special and seeing our community come together to experience them is always something to celebrate.” - Sam Fisher, Event Director, Decorex

“After a year of planning and a seriously intense week of building, nothing matches the first morning's excitement of welcoming our visitors to Decorex. Over the last 10 years I've been privileged to work with some of the industry's leading designers to create amazing entrances, bars, lounges and design features. As always, huge thanks to the designers and suppliers that help make these spaces happen” - Andy Bishop, Creative Director, Decorex 

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Our Unique Show Features

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  • The Entryway Design
  • Future Heritage
  • The VIP Bar

Interested in exhibiting your signature collections at our high-end design event?  

Our Unique Digital Offerings

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  • Bespoke campaigns
  • Showroom stories
  • A dedicated team

Want to know how we can help your interior design brand stand out from the crowd online?