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Five Timeless Interior Design Brands

As we move into an age where sustainability and longevity are top of the agenda, the term ‘timeless design’ has been used more and more amongst design professionals. Decorex have compiled a shortlist of some of the top interior design brands that are harnessing styles built around longevity, both in the manufacturing processes they use and in the designs themselves. With help from Henriette von Stockhausen, Founder of VSP Interiors, and Kerryn Harper Cuss, Interior Editor, the shortlist we’ve compiled might just surprise you. 

Nowadays, we appreciate design that can last the test of time. General attitudes towards the ‘throwaway culture’ are dwindling, this has been reflected in the design choices we make. Rather than opting for colours and styles that are in fashion, many of us want to live in a space that we know we’ll love for years to come.

See our shortlist of timeless interior design brands, compiled with the help of Henriette von Stockhausen and Kerryn Harper Cuss.

1. Ian Mankin

2. Original BTC

3. Robert Kime

4. Naturalmat

5. Hopesprings Chairs

Ian Mankin | Coast Living Room, Lytham Sofa

1.       Ian Mankin

Ian Mankin was founded in 1983 and is renowned for their new and stylish interpretations of organic fabrics that result in timeless classics. The British weavers of designer furnishing fabrics focus on using natural materials opposed to synthetic ones, and their passion for creating patterns that are simple yet striking makes them a perfect start to our shortlist. Ian Mankin’s designs manage to cater to modern tastes whilst offering an overall look that’s sure to remain current and treasured long into the future. 

Original BTC | Fin Queen Table Light

2.       Original BTC

When thinking about lighting brands that deliver timeless, unique, and sleek designs, Original BTC is one that often springs to mind. Founded in 1990 by Peter Bowles, Original BTC’s lighting pieces focus on quality and reveal attention to detail. Their products often involve clean lines and fluid shapes, meaning they fit into a wide range of settings and sit alongside other interior accessories harmoniously.  

3.       Robert Kime

We use all his fabrics and wallpapers and custom-made furniture collection all the time to create our interiors,” says Henriette von Stockhausen.

Chosen by our contributor, Henriette von Stockhausen, Robert Kime is a unique addition to our shortlist. A lifelong interest in rugs and textiles and a stint of selling antique furniture and accessories from his dorm room at university laid the pathway for Robert Kime’s career.

The design stroke antique dealer’s philosophy is unwavering, allowing the focus to remain on how the client wants to live. Robert Kime has undertaken a wide range of commissions both in the UK and overseas, producing interiors full of colour and comfort, for more than 40 years. Among other things, Robert Kime create intricate wallpapers and fabric, some of which can be custom made. Many of the designs are inspired from historical artefacts and prints from throughout the ages, making them a timeless design addition to any home. 

Naturalmat | Mattress & Furniture Collections

4.       Naturalmat

Naturalmat are a perfect example of sustainable practices and stunning design coming together. Founded in 1999, Naturalmat took a different approach to designing mattresses than the rest of their trade did. Believing that natural fibres were best they we set out to make a mattresses and other home products without any chemical additives whatsoever and harnessing only the best natural materials – sustainably sourced. Discover their unique range of mattresses, furniture and home accessories.  

Hopesprings Chairs | Belle Rocking Chair by Jason Mosseri

5.       Hopesprings Chairs

For me timeless design pivots on the carefully considered marriage of form and function to create pieces with enduring allure. The end result is always fundamentally underpinned by a desire to ensure longevity of practical purpose yet allies this with aesthetics that are challenging to pin to any given era.

The stick-back chair is one such concept, with earliest designs believed to date to the 16th century and variations such as the Windsor chair, remaining an attractive and valuable home item since the 18th century throughout Britain and America. Current day iterations by Jason Mosseri of Hopesprings Chairs (a QEST scholar) are amongst the handcrafted designs I admire,” Kerryn Harper-Cuss says.

Chosen by our contributor, Kerryn Harper-Cuss, Hopesprings Chairs is the brainchild of carpenter Jason Mosseri. Offering contemporary and stylish handcrafted Windsor chairs, they are a go-to for anyone looking for stylish furniture that’s built to last. 

Embracing Antiques: A Note from Henriette von Stockhausen

During our quest to find the best timeless interior design brands, we toiled with the idea of antiques and their importance in modern day design. Henriette von Stockhausen rightly pointed out that sourcing antiques and using them within the home is a fantastic way to capture history and create a space that feels genuine.

I think the most timeless things are antiques and I adore working with them - not only is using antiques good for the environment but they also have a story to tell, are very well made and their patina makes them look settled instantly rather than shiny and new. This is what I try and achieve in my interiors – a settled comfort,” she explains.

Noting that so many consumers opt for designs that are ‘in season’ and will soon go off them in a few months, Henriette von Stockhausen comments that she far prefers items that have their own story. “I have a real problem with our throw away culture and therefore there is nothing I would like to promote more than antiques,” she says. “I use a lot of antique dealers, but a couple of my favourites are Adam Calvert Bentley, Tarquin Bilgen, Robert Kime, Lee Wright and Brownrigg,” she concludes. 

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