Why Exhibit

Beauty needs space to flourish, and Decorex presents a blank canvas onto which exquisite design is curated, debated and observed. It’s where influential designers, artists and creatives behind the finest interior projects in the world unite and tell their stories. Become part of a truly new, redefined and beautiful Decorex. 


blank canvas decorex international exhibition design

Strengthen your brand’s name

Displayed before a captive audience with an eye for refined interiors, your latest products and designs have the space they need to spread their influence.

blank canvas decorex international desing

Create new partnerships

From artisans and architects to interior designers and developers, myriad people visit the show to see exquisite designs and foster relationships with the brands behind them.

blank canvas decorex international design exhibition

Feel for Industry

Taking time to see product launches by fellow designers gives you a wide perspective of the trends and direction of bespoke interior design.

blank canvas decorex

Celebrate with the industry

New for 2018, exhibitors and members of the Decorex Collective are invited to an exclusive party on the Tuesday evening of the show.

blank canvas decorex international exhibition design


Every space at Decorex is conceptualised and crafted by influential creatives with unique perspectives that embody the eclectic nature of luxury interior design.

Show entrance decorex exhibition

Show entrance

A diverse, hand-picked group of four designers craft immersive, pop-up rooms that evoke beauty from the moment you step into the show.

The Bar Decorex 2018

The bar

Each year, the space takes on a new aesthetic as award-winning creative minds have a chance to conceptualise and curate it based on an evolving theme.

entrance cafe decorex international exhibition design

The entrance cafe

Fledgling creative studios from across the UK and beyond collaborate to curate a bespoke, imaginative space to relax and take a moment.

in the making decorex exhibition design international

In the Making

Furniture artisans and gilded wallpaper designers alike are hand-picked to distil their products into an interactive space for all to enjoy.