Waterworks launches the Isla bathroom fittings collection


Organic forms meet advanced engineering – Waterworks launches the Isla bathroom fittings collection.

Waterworks Isla

Continuously working to innovate and deliver quality designs, luxury bath and kitchen company Waterworks has launched its newest collection – Isla. The collaboration with notable New York jewellery designer and sculptor Jill Platner marks Waterworks’ first collaboration outside of the interior design industry. The company has created a unique line of artisanal pieces that brings a brand new aesthetic to any bathroom through the versatile textures and shapes. Inspired by the beauty of rock and stone, the 30 component collection is a reflection of nature in its organic form.

To bring Waterworks’ vision and Platner’s designs to life, the collection went through a two year development using a unique and totally new state of the art design process. Each piece began with a carved waxed model that was sculpted by hand. Waterworks then created an entirely new procedure using 3-D scanning to convert these models into digital format before ultimately developing into cast molds. The collection was then brought to life by creating the pieces in precisely crafted metal with a choice of 14 different finishes.

“We have been looking to bring organic design to Waterworks and collaborating with Jill was a natural extension for the brand,” said Peter Sallick, CEO and Creative Director of Waterworks. “Isla merges two realms of the design industry, art and interiors, through craft and quality engineering. The design process challenged Waterworks and the final collection will challenge our customers and the industry to view interiors in an interesting new way.”

The Isla collection provides a totally new yet incredibly versatile aesthetic to interiors while transcending the industry’s traditional design process.

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