TM Lighting


London-based company TM Lighting designs and manufactures a new generation of full spectrum, high colour rendition, LED lighting which reinvents classic picture light design with the very latest lighting technology. This year TM Lighting will provide the lighting for the acclaimed entrance feature, ‘The Heritage of Chair Making’ curated by Tim Gosling. Here, they share their lighting tips for your home.



The launch of their new product heralds a new approach to lighting art in a residential setting. The high level of design innovation within the product has already been recognised by the Lighting Design Awards 2016,for which the TM ArtPoint is shortlisted for the highly coveted Interior Architectural Luminaire award.

The TM ArtPoint is a flexible and highly discreet lighting product, designed to meet the demands of homeowners with an evolving or rolling art collection, and lighting/interior designers working with clients’ future art collections. The new product allows a much higher degree of flexibility to curate, rotate and re-hang your artwork, before during and after project completion, changing the size, mounting and location, whilst maintaining perfect lighting. The TM ArtPoint offers the same flexibility of a track and spotlight system but has the discretion of a standalone spotlight. Whilst a track and spotlight system provides the perfect solution for gallery and museum settings, co-founder Harry Triggs explains it is not an ideal solution in residential environments for two reasons, “it can be visually overpowering in a room, and it is not viable in a heritage or listed building where it is not possible to attach track to the ceiling”.

The TM ArtPoint provided the perfect solution in a recent project at the private home of a serious art collector in Notting Hill. The client required a flexible solution for their rolling art collection - 150 TM ArtPoints were specified by the designer of the project. The product is a low voltage power point node, which can be installed into the ceiling and plastered-in to leave a small finger sized aperture. TM’s spotlights can be plugged directly into this aperture and if they are removed, a blanking plug can be inserted in their place, leaving the ceiling with a clean finish. TM Lighting developed a sprung bayonet fixing mechanism that firmly clicks into position to allow single-handed insertion and removal for ease, with the satisfying reassurance that the action has been completed.

A beneficial feature is that different sized luminaires from the TM Lighting range of high colour rendition spotlights can be plugged into the space - including a brand new spotlight the ‘ZeroForty’ that is just 40mm in diameter and developed with a broad range of optics, using a single LED source for better beam control and quality. With invention and innovation constantly front of mind, TM Lighting has vastly improved the glare control of the ‘ZeroForty’ with the addition of a  new designed lens holder which will be incorporated into the wider product range. As with all products in the TM Lighting range, high colour rendition lighting is integral in the new spotlight which is installed with the 95+CRI chip to achieve the best quality of light available for lighting art.

Co-founder Andrew Molyneux comments, “after months of development and rigorous testing, we are excited to bring the TM ArtPoint to market. We are constantly innovating our existing product range and feel that this new product meets a growing demand for the same flexibility and quality of light available to museums and galleries, in the home environment.”