Talking Luxury with Justin van Breda


A familiar face at Decorex International, Justin Van Breda presents furniture and lighting that is polished, sophisticated, charming and full of character. With a wealth of industry experience, including a time as Creative Director under Nicky Haslam, Justin is renowned for his sleek design style, and the Justin Van Breda Studio embodies classic design for today's interior - incorporating the JVB furniture collection with bespoke design and interior design.

We caught up with Justin following the launch of the simply beautiful English Home collection at Decorex 2015, to hear his thoughts on the meaning and future of luxury design...

Can you tell us a little about your role and your involvement with the luxury interior design market?

We are  British design lead company designing and making bespoke and customised furniture for a discerning interior design clientele.

The Bonnie Sofa from the English Home Collection by Justin Van Breda

How is the interior design industry influencing the future of the luxury market? What role does it play?

I don't think it does, I think interior design takes its lead from the luxury market, however how people live is always an influencing factor.

Sum up your vision of the Future of Luxury using only 5 words and one image

Combining materials echoing the past.

Image: The Grace Cabinet from the English Home Collection


How do you think perceptions of luxury will change in both the short and long term future?

I think people will be looking for time, space and freshness.  Fresh ideas and new ways of looking at things are welcome in an era that is saturated with much of similar information.  The perceptions of time and space as our most luxurious commodities is something that is growing.  It is something everyone is poor on- no one has enough time or space to do what they want.  People are appreciating Ideas that are informed  and reference the past and items that have gravitas either from their conceptual development or the way in which they are made.

Which products or designers have recently inspired you to think about the future of luxury?

Labrazel bathroom accessories and bathroom vanities with CP Hart - we are involved in projects for both of these companies and they have briefed us and inspired us to new levels of creative thought.

From left: Garden Gate in Faded Flowers, Brighton Beach in Royal Navy, Trailing Hawthorne in Full Bloom, all from the English Fabric Collection by JVB London

How can the design industry respond to issues around responsible luxury, and is this something which will be increasingly important in the future?

Absolutely. There should be a move away from flagrant overuse of  endangered and scarce materials.  I find it amazing that people will use these in the name of design.  I love what Tim Gosling is doing with straw,  Such a readily available raw material which is then dyed and cut and pressed into marquetry panels.  This is true design and wonderful when the resource is actually something found every day.  It is also the thoughtful bringing back of a method as pioneered by Jean Michel Frank.  

Is the meaning of Luxury related directly to cost?

Absolutely not. I think luxury is in craft; in time taken over executing something, in the intention for which it is made.

The George Dining Table form the English Home Colection by Justin Van Breda

Can you tell us a little about your experiences at Decorex this year?

It was all very exciting, well attended and well exhibited. I have loved the show and participated for the last 13 years in a row.

What are your plans for the next 12 months?

We are launching in 5 cities in the USA - Dallas, Phoenix, Atlanta, Miami and New York City.

The Monty Sideboard from the English Home Collection by Justin Van Breda

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