Sir John Soane's Museum, London


Interior designer Sue Timney finds Sir John Soane's Museum a constant source of ideas and inspiration...

'I first visited the Sir John Soane's Museum at Lincoln’s Inn Fields by accident. I had just left the RCA it was 1980 and had been playing tennis with some friends in the nearly tennis courts when I noticed a discreetly minimal sign outside a strangely projected facade on a building in the square. Once I had stepped through the threshold my whole world felt as though it had been turned upside down! 

Soane was one of Britain’s greatest architects and a passionate collector and neo-classicist. The Grade I listed building contains architectural fragments, Graeco-Roman marbles, casts, paintings, furniture and sculpture which are still arranged today as they were when he died there in 1837. There are extraordinary displays of sometimes incongruous but beautiful objects side by side and although it is crammed full, the spirit and eye that was Soane speaks and invites you to enter his imaginative and beautiful world. Soane’s ‘Academy of Architecture’ - as the house is often known, has served as an encyclopaedia of inspiration for me ever since this first curious step through the door over 30 years ago.'

Sir John Soane’s Museum
13 Lincoln’s Inn Fields
London WC2A 3BP

Sue Timney

Sue Timney is the President of the British Institute of Interior Design and she will be giving a talk at this year’s Decorex International, on Sunday 23 September at 11am.