Shop the Look... The Decorex 2015 Creative


With a brand new website and the recent announcement of the Decorex creative and theme of 'Future Luxury' for 2015, we take a look at some of the exquisite products featured in the Decorex photoshoot...

1. Eprisma by Creation Baumann

Forming part of the Spring 2015 collection, this extravagant fabric by Création Baumann looks as if it were a sculpture. Decked in geometric sequins which shimmer in white, bronze or black, the three-dimensional foil has been moulded and top stitched to create depth– an elaborate process creating a real eye-catcherbestowing glamour to any interior.

2. Short Belly Vase by Iva Polachova, New Craftsmen

Hand built & coiled with a white matt glaze, the Short Belly Vase has a pleasing tactile quality & has been designed for both decorative & functional purposes by London based potter Iva Polachova.

3. Fine Silver Carafe by Grant McCaig, New Craftsmen

Part of a new body of work called Pleated Silver, this carafe has been hand-made in fine silver using a pleating technique developed from the ‘fold forming’ method pioneered by master goldsmith Charles Lewton-Brain. The visually compelling work – which features satisfying rhythms of folds – is designed to be used & follows in the traditions of domestic silverware.

4. Salad & Pasta Bowls by Stuart Carey, NewCraftsmen

A semi-porcelain stoneware pasta bowl in 4 colour variations, hand-thrown by potter Stuart Carey. Part of a beautiful set of tableware vessels, perfect for both everyday use or purely for display purposes.

5. Revolve Floor Lamp by Bert Frank

This simplistic yet striking floor lamp forms part of Bert Frank’s Revolve collection, and was a favourite of ours at Decorex 2014. With its clean lines and brass finish, this industrial chic floor lamp is the perfect reading light, with the overhanging shade producing a relaxing but functional light.

6. Milton Tufted Sofa by Dakota Jackson for Decca Home

This elegantly sophisticated sofa is designed by Dakota Jackson as part of the wider Cosmopolitan collection featured by Decca Home. In a career spanning over four decades, Dakota Jackson is one of the leading figures in American furniture design, and this collection highlights the exquisite craft, intriguing engineering, and original form behind his designs.

7. Balustrade Vase by Simon Moore for Vessel Gallery

The Balustrade centre piece is an extension of a complete collection of lighting and objet d’art produced in collaboration with Britain’s foremost glass maestro, Simon Moore. Comprising of outstanding lamps, chandeliers and accessories aimed for luxury interiors and discerning collectors, all pieces are handcrafted and engineered in the UK. Balustrade, with its Neoclassical simplicity, resembles an individual statuesque baluster and is available in a selection of different shapes and colours.

8. Angles by Jan Kath for Front London

This stunning piece is inspired by the forms of Cubism, where colours were applied one over another to block out geometric angles and sharp edges. Knot by knot, its bright threads are layered like paint on a canvas, from opaque to faded shades. 

9. Bloom Bowl by Wayne Charmer for Vessel Gallery

For Charmer, the draw of glass is to exploit its translucent and reflective qualities. His Bloom bowl series are constructed from numerous hand cut glass shards. Whilst heated for several days in the kiln, the sharp edges are softened resulting in layers of melted petals.

10. Elements by Villiers

This exquisite coffee table forms part of a duo with matching console, and is seen here in polished stainless steel and etch, with a stunning rust wax patina.

Keep an eye out for more featured products from the Decorex photoshoot over the coming weeks.

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