celebrates success at Decorex 2012

Category:, specialists in energy and water saving products for hotels, hospitals and other businesses, is sponsoring Decorex 2012 as a response to strong demand for its award winning LED lighting from the design world.  Whilst LED lighting is being increasingly adopted by homes and businesses across the UK, the wide range of product robustness and effectiveness means that LED bulbs often don’t meet the rigorous demands of superior design projects.

Hugo Fleming, principal at Chiaroscuro Lighting Design said “Mainstream LED replacement lamps unfortunately leave a lot to be desired in general, the light output can be inconsistent in colour temperature, distribution, output, general look and reliability. When manufacturers state a lamp is warm white there is huge variation in actual colour temperature so it is always worth checking before specifying. The colour rendering of the LED light source should also be taken into consideration as well (CRI) as if lower than 80 it makes colours and textures in interiors appear dull and lifeless which compromises the scheme as a whole so the higher the CRI the better. In a residential environment or for hotels and restaurants the temperature is too cool in general from other LED replacement lamp manufacturers and interiors become clinical and uninviting and often don’t fully work with standard dimmers or control systems so it is always worth checking before specifying.  As well as the aesthetic and technical considerations, the cost savings in electricity on the LED bulbs from make them a very appealing solution.  I can save my clients 85% of running costs and have received no complaints or failures to date so I’m delighted to see making their mark in the design world at Decorex”.

Charlie Farr, founder and director of said “Most of our work to date has been with hotel groups and NHS trusts, where energy and water saving products can have a huge financial impact due to their 24/7 operation.  We’re proud to sponsor Decorex as it underpins the superior aesthetics of our lighting range, as well as its green credentials. Our new 5W LED Falcon GU10 and MR16 and 4W candle bulbs seem to have generated a good level of interest within the design community due to their unique design and quality superior light outputs”.

Visitors to the newly updated website can not only buy recommended products, but can access a range of product information and buying guides, view instructional videos and work out their potential savings by product using savings calculators. Whether it an Ecosmart shower head to reduce water bills, intelligent boiler management, through to a unique range of interior and exterior LED lighting.

About provides products and services to organisations across the UK to reduce energy, water and carbon. Whether you need to reduce utility costs, meet sustainability or corporate responsibility goals, comply with green tender requirements or minimise tax exposure, we can help. For further information please view

About Chiaroscuro Lighting Design

At Chiaroscuro, we use light to support architectural objectives for buildings and spaces, helping to create interior and exterior environments that perform to precisely defined criteria.

We work in many different contexts, specialising in residential projects, but also including retail schemes, exhibitions, hotels & leisure facilities, landscapes and gardens, historic buildings and conservation.

Our designs are integral to the experience of each project. They articulate space and objects and display texture and colour. With their capacity to add accent and mood, they enrich rooms and buildings, streets and public spaces.

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