Rug Couture : Discover luxurious one-off rugs at Decorex

Decorex International is the UK’s leading showcase for luxurious interior design. Each year it brings together a collection of hand-picked exhibitors to demonstrate the best of interior design. And this year, we’ll be there.

Since Decorex is all about the unusual, the memorable, and the desirable, it’s the perfect venue for us. Every rug we produce is a one-off – a work of art that appeals to cutting-edge interior designers as much as to ordinary home-makers.

If you’d like to find out how easy it is to design your own bespoke rug, come along to Stand E56. We’ll have a touch screen on the wall that lets you create your own rug, and samples of all our finished rugs. And if you’re looking for something unusual – a unique one-off or a bespoke design that you can roll out through, for example, a chain of hotels or retail outlets – we’d love to have a chat. We can show you how we’re able to match the colours of existing decorative features or faithfully reproduce your brand colours.

Most of all we like a challenge – something that may never have been done with wool and weaving before. For example, when the set designers for the stage show of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory wanted an edible meadow, they came to us. And when the Belgian artist, Wouter Deruytter, wanted to turn a photograph into a tactile wall-hanging, he found a solution at Rug Couture.

If you can imagine a stunningly decorative floor covering, chances are, we can make it. In short, if you’ve got a head full of ideas, you should make your way to Decorex to find out how we can bring them to life. We look forward to meeting you.

Rug Couture: Stand E56 at Decorex International 2015
20th to 23rd September at Syon Park, Brentford, Middlesex