Royal Crown Derby : WHAT IS TRUE LUXURY?

“It captures the notion that something could be made especially for you, or be made with the finest or rarest materials. You have to focus on its rarity, its exceptional beauty, its uniqueness, or its ‘made-for-you-ness’.

“Artisanship and artistry are the two A’s of Luxury.”

Nigel Coates, Architect and Designer

Royal Crown Derby will be celebrating at Decorex the true meaning of luxury as first time exhibitors and will showcase the creative ingenuity of British artisanship.

From hand-painted artistry vases, expertly crafted and hand painted by artisans using rare techniques that have not changed in over 260 years, limited editions and stunning bespoke pieces, Royal Crown Derby’s heritage, quality and craftsmanship is evident, offering luxury that will create a lifetime of memories.

Reflecting the definition of luxury – ‘lux’ being the Latin word for light, Royal Crown Derby’s fine bone china is made from the highest concentration of quality materials, giving each piece a unique ‘true white’ coloration, translucency and strength.



L-R: Repton Vase, £16,250, Litherland Vase, £19,000, Artistry Vase L/S, £16,750


For collectors of exceptional pieces of artwork and artisanship, Royal Crown Derby’s Artistry Vases are an investment for those who purvey perfection. Extravagantly shaped and expertly hand-painted from the archives popular with the aristocracy and wealthy gentry in the 18th century, when elaborate botanical flowers displayed a man’s wealth and showcased the skilled artists of that time.

At Stand D49, Royal Crown Derby will reveal the design and detail in a specially-commissioned pattern book featuring the largest and most luxurious vase the company has ever made. Standing at a height of 80cm, the breathtaking Floreat Vase (RRP £150,000) is currently on display to purchase in Harrods, London. The masterpiece is offered with a bespoke service to clients who desire personalisation, allowing the addition of a unique design of their choice in a cartouche, using a pattern and colour way to complement a room, creating a unique piece of art, meaning that no two designs will ever be the same, unless the client chooses so.

Floreat Vase

Lead times and availability vary dependant on the items listed.  For more information or to place an order contact Royal Crown Derby +44 (0)1332 268 901 or email


Notes to the Editors:


All prices are RRP


Royal Crown Derby


  • The Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Company is a world-leading manufacturer of finest bone china tableware, giftware and collectables, using techniques unchanged for 264 years.


  • Royal Crown Derby has a distinguished history of creating bespoke commissions, offered to high-end luxury brand hotel and food service establishments, interior design consultants specialising in luxury jets, yachts and private residencies.  Clients include royalty, VIPs and dignitaries.


  • In 2013 Royal Crown Derby was acquired by Steelite International, one of the world’s most respected tableware manufacturers.






  • The Royal Crown Derby basic formula of bone ash, china stone and china clay remains a formula for high quality bone china.  The intrinsic strength of the body means that it is possible to achieve delicate profiles without sacrificing resistance to breakage, unlike other translucent bodies.
  • Royal Crown Derby employs 168 people at its historic factory in Derby, England. Its products are 100% made in England.


  • Established in 1750, the company became known as “Crown Derby” by King George III in 1775. In 1890, Queen Victoria bestowed the title "Royal" creating the company name of “Royal Crown Derby.”


  • Royal Crown Derby has global distribution in more than 34 countries.  Its Collectors Guild has more than 3,000 members worldwide.