Robinson Pelham, London


Victoria Cramsie, director of PaperBoy Interiors, shares her love of boutique London jewellers Robinson Pelham...

‘My favourite jeweller is Robinson Pelham. I am a bit of a magpie and I do love a sparkle! I have had a few pieces commissioned from Robinson Pelham over the years. A few years ago my mother died and with some money she had left me I had two huge cocktail rings designed and made by Robinson Pelham. I wanted something to remember my mother by and also have something that I would wear all the time. I hope to hand them on to my two boys at some point.

I love the colours of precious stones. A perfect day out for me is to be sat inside a strong room full of jewels!

I also love the process of having things made for you – it’s a bit like magic – you imagine something and then it appears. It’s great to see that Robinson Pelham have gone on to be such a success. Making the earrings for Kate Middleton’s wedding must have been such a thrill.’

Robinson Pelham are open by appointment only. Contact 0207 828 3492 or visit the Robinson Pelham website.

Victoria Cramsie, PaperBoy Interiors