Posh Trading Company : Website Launch

The products that Posh Trading Company produce are very much tailored to the wants and needs of an up market clientèle. Posh Trading provides a variety of goods ranging from homeware, gifts, art and accessories. Starting from the innovative design of the Matbox, a concept consisting of a boxed set of serving mats, place mates and double coasters housed in a range of matching presentation boxes. The Matbox is available in a variation of colours, designs and finishes, with bespoke options available, making it purposefully a great fit for any household and doubling up as the perfect gift. The Curve chairs are made for any home wanting to keep to the “classics” as well as having a modern twist. The innovative design of this chair set means you can have the option of either one curve for a small dining table giving the room a subtle edge, or two curves for larger tables creating a lasting impression. Posh Trading also offers art for the home, including their Skull Art, which is made from water buffalo skulls and is decorated with Swarovski crystals creating stunning and individual pieces. The Savannah is inspired and moulded by African Kudu horns, moulded and finished to create a sleek and subtle piece.