2016 Theme: The Roots of Design



Roots of Design


Decorex International 2016 will explore the roots of design; considering the origins of design, the processes involved and examining the influences that have challenged its DNA. From customs and culture these influences have shaped design today. The journeys (routes) taken, have ensured luxury design is constantly evolving, whilst retracing its roots and building on its rich heritage.

Roots of Design can mean many things to many people, we asked a few designers their thoughts…Watch the video

“Roots of Design is everything that has come before that finished product, it’s thinking about the way the product is made, the inspiration behind the product and who made it….the story behind the product.” Tom Raffield

“Roots of Design is more where craft begins and where creativity starts, working with new creative people to come up with new ideas which develop into what can become fashionable or the beginning of something….” Martin Hulbert

“As a designer, you look for meaning in everything and you’ve got to start somewhere when you design. For me the roots are the origins of the architecture, the history of the client and in combination that’s where you start designing from, you use it as your guidance to build on.” Staffan Tollgard