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This has been Omexco’s device ever since the company was created by Bob Rans in 1976.

Omexco became a worldwide trendsetter of high end wallcoverings, a master in combining materials and structures, a specialist of sophisticated printing and embossing techniques.

Omexco is one of the few remaining European editors who also produces/prints wallcoverings. Thanks to this, our wallcoverings can be controlled several times, from the raw material until the finished product, and a flawless product can be guaranteed.

Omexco wallcoverings can be found in the most prestigious hotels, high end residential projects, cruise ships and luxury shops.

COBRA - printed cork, raffia and non-woven textile wallcovering


Snake designs are sliding through this new wallcovering collection of Omexco, hence called “Cobra”. Most items of the collection are printed on natural cork. The cork is harvested manually from the bark of the cork oak, then cut into squares which are glued on a metallic backing. The squares are polished afterwards until they are perfectly smooth and flat, ready to be overprinted. Only specialized handcraft is involved in this elaborated production process. A simili-plain and a faded square motif, also printed on cork, are matching the reptile design. The range is complemented by bi-coloured woven raffia items as well as printed plains and reptile designs on a non-woven backing.

All colours, from the brown-black tiger snake, white python, green copper chameleon, bark brown lizard, greyish crocodile, green water turtle, to the stained cobra are represented in the collection, most of them enhanced with a shimmer of gold, silver or copper, reflecting light and shimmering, as sunshine on a reptile skin. The collection, most of them enhanced with a shimmer of gold, silver or copper, reflecting light and shimmering, as sunshine on a reptile skin.

Rainbows - bakbak and sari silk, crushed paper and non-woven textile


The explosion of colours of recycled sari silk, woven with strips of bakbak (bark of the banana tree) is at the origin of the name of this top-notch wallcovering collection. Each metre of this product is unique, since the colours of the silk alternate, without ever being repeated. The bakbak is coloured in chalk white, cinnamon or chestnut –three different atmospheres to illuminate, soften or intensify the rainbow of the silk fabric. Squares of crushed paper, printed in faded shades and glued on a non-woven backing are in perfect harmony with the bakbak and the natural silk. Two geometric motifs, embossed on a printed non-woven wallcovering, complete the range and make it possible to combine different colours, structures and materials in one room.

Turquoise, lapis lazuli, fuchsia, scarlet red, chestnut, meringue white, pearl grey, anthracite, acidulated yellow and green dispute the place of honour with metallic accents of copper, white and yellow gold, silver, patine gold…

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