New: Lara Bohinc Collection for Lapicida

The design collaboration between Lapicida and Lara Bohinc moves into a new orbit, with the launch of the Lunar Collection at Decorex 2015.

Their initial project in 2014 produced the extraordinary ‘Solaris’ rotating table which saw Lara Bohinc translating her skills and inspirations as a jewellery designer into the world of luxury furniture. For stone specialists Lapicida, it was an opportunity to showcase their exceptional materials and unparalleled craftsmanship.  

Now, Bohinc’s new designs take the sheer glamour of stone into yet another galaxy. Following the design language of Solaris, they take inspiration from the planets and their orbital movements, featuring highly-figured, richly-coloured marbles set, like precious jewels, within brass or 18ct. gold-plated steel rims.

The Lunar Collection introduces the Half Moon dining table, the Full Moon side table and the Sun and Moon coffee table.  Discs echoing planetary forms are bisected or overlaid to create surface patterns and structural elements, forming dynamically-poised bases and tops.

The juxtapositioning of charismatic marbles including Persian Gold, Verde Guatemala, Red Wine and Black and Gold picks up another of Bohinc’s central inspirations for this collection: the historic buildings of Venice, where complex marble inlay has been a decorative art for centuries.  Ancient stone marquetry work such as Pietra Dura and Opus Sectile is closely related to the jeweller’s art of marrying contrasting stones into a perfect whole, underlining Lara’s own design vocabulary.  

Lapicida is one of very few companies still working at this elevated level of craftsmanship. Using Pietra Dura and Opus Sectile techniques to create Lara Bohinc’s contemporary designs involves both state of the art CNC manufacturing and countless hours of painstaking hand-finishing. The Half Moon dining table requires over 100 hours’ work by the craftsmen in Lapicida’s Harrogate workshops and the smaller tables are only marginally less demanding.  Technically too, the engineering challenge involved in the physical structures of the three tables has taken Lapicida’s abilities to new levels.