Neo Bankside: Talking penthouses with Jonathan Reed


With renowned designer Jonathan Reed joining us in this year's Decorex Seminar Programme, we take a look at his penthouse project at the infamous Neo Bankside delevelopment with our good friend and Decorex community regular, Yasmin Chopin.

We have a sneak peek into the project with some exclusive interior images of the penthouse from Yasmin, as well as a full audio interview with Jonathan himself about the inspiration and challenges behind  Neo Bankside.


Three new blocks form NEO Bankside, a neat development of apartments and office space squeezed into a pocket of land right next to the Thames. The penthouse is arguably worth the £multi million price tag, with this perfect location offering stunning views – St Paul’s Cathedral across the water and the new Tate Modern right next door.

When I met Jonathan Reed of Studio Reed in the penthouse I learned this wasn’t the first time he had created a stunning showhome. I was in awe of the skill he and his team demonstrated here. From the patinised copper cladding of walls and doors to the rough sawn timber flooring, from sliding see-through screens to wooden brises soleil, and from TVs that seemed to float in the air to artistic pieces of furniture that made you smile; the interior was a triumph!

Jonathan has a small army of individual designer-makers, he reckons about 200, who he commissions for bespoke work. In his interior design projects he creates opportunities for them to develop ideas and experiment with new techniques. Having just set up an online directory of bespoke designer-makers, (, it was this passion to support the world of bespoke that made me so interested in this space and his work.

With a personal tour by the lovely Alex Crabtree from NEO Bankside I learned how successful and important this showhome had become, and I took mental notes as we walked through the penthouse rooms. I drank in the quality and detail of it, taking plenty of photographs before chatting with Jonathan to find out more about the project. Perfect.

Listen to Yasmin’s interview with Jonathan Reed

Jonathan will be speaking in the Decorex Seminar Programme on the future of craft, join us at Decorex to hear more from Jonathan at the show!