Menzel Galerie Nordafrika, Vienna


Regina Heinz, ceramic artist, is inspired by a unique textile gallery in Vienna...

'When I am in Vienna I like to visit Renate Anna Menzel and her beautiful textile gallery, Menzel Galerie Nordafrika. Renate is dedicated to the arts of the north African Berber tribes. She holds a very special collection of woven women’s cloths from Tunisia and Libya, and you can even find pieces of her collection in the British Museum. The textiles are decorated with minimalist finely stitched abstract motifs and I am always amazed how modern they look. I would love to have one of them on my wall, simply as a piece of art...'

menzel.Galerie Nordafrika
Renate Anna Menzel
Währinger Straße 55
1090 Vienna

Regina Heinz