Meet the Designers


Tim Gosling

Tim Gosling, Gosling Ltd., Interior designer

Who? Tim founded Gosling in 2005, after 18 years as a director at Linley. Tim’s ability to sit with a client and sketch a design gives clients the unique ability to get a sense of proportion and scale. Tim has published a number of books, the latest which was launched last October is called ‘Classic Contemporary – The DNA of Furniture’. Tim is a great public speaker and has spoken at Decorex a number of times, last year he curated a panel with Trevor Pickett and Kiki McDonough focusing on creating international luxury whilst still making it individual and bespoke.

Tim and Decorex: Tim has spoken at Decorex in the past, but look out for news about Tim’s involvement in this year’s Decorex…

Tim's thoughts: “Being involved in Decorex is a fascinating process because you end up with so many different people involved with the ideas of creation, from craftsmen to the people that actually design the pieces, the products and the energy it creates is so important. It’s a world leader in terms of London.”

NIcky Haslam

Nicky Haslam, NH Design, Interior designer

Who? Nicky Haslam is a legacy in interior design. Since he first started practicing as an interior designer in 1972, he continued to build his career, founding his London-based architectural and design firm, NH Design in the late 1980’s. He is known for high-end design, bespoke furnishings and a style that is ever changing with the times, yet always distinguishable for its humour, charm and wit.

Nicky and Decorex: Nicky designed the entrance to Decorex International 2011, using his humour and wit to create a whimsical space full of mermaids, seashells and oysters! A memorable year for all…

Nicky's thoughts: “It’s thrilling to be asked to be in the shoot, I’m honoured. I once opened Decorex, the 2nd one ever, in a department store on Kensington High Street, me and Princess Michael opened it! It was exciting then, and it’s grown so much now, become more influential, colourful and fascinating and full of things people don’t see anywhere else.”

Staffan Tollgard

Staffan Tollgard, Staffan Tollgard Design Group, interior designer

Who? Staffan Tollgard set up the Staffan Tollgard Design Group over 10 years ago, with their flagship showroom based in London’s Grosvenor Waterside. One of the House & Garden’s top 100 leading designers, they have completed projects not only in London, but globally including the Europe, the USA and Saudi Arabia.

Staffan and Decorex: Staffan has been a great supporter of Decorex over the years, featuring within many panel discussions within the seminar theatre and our popular #Decorexchat on Twitter.   

Staffan's thoughts: “I’m a big fan of Decorex, as an event Decorex is the top one in the UK. To be asked to take part in the talks and this year, in the lead up to the fair it means a great deal. It’s a fantastic place to source new products, to meet colleagues and suppliers.”

Lulu Lytle

Lulu Lytle, Soane, Co-Founder

Who? Lulu is the co-founder and Creative Director of Soane, a company that makes and are custodians of classical designs and creators of bespoke interiors projects. Soane was founded 19 years ago, and now has a store on the Pimlico Road which is a haven for refined furniture, luxurious lighting and decadent curiosities.

Lulu and Decorex: Lulu has spoken on the Decorex seminar programme in the past, as well as Soane being part of the Rakes Progress entrance in 2014.

Lulu's thoughts: “I feel honoured and flattered to be in the shoot. Meeting the craftspeople today is so inspirational, you realise the constant innovation. However much you think you’re keeping up to date with new craft skills there’s always someone doing something new and original, often with a hint to the past, but still putting their spin on it. I think Decorex will be so exciting this year combining contemporary craft with the roots of design.”

Guy Goodfellow

Guy Goodfellow, interior designer

Who? Guy is a leading interior designer who set up his own company in 2002 following eight years at Colefax and Fowler. In the years following since then, Guy has developed a reputation for the refurbishment of large period houses and town apartments, both in the UK and internationally. Using his architectural and historical knowledge, he sensitively reinterprets interiors for modern living, giving them understated glamour.

Guy and Decorex: Guy Goodfellow has been a coveted judge at Decorex in the past, as well as giving his thoughts and ideas from around the show within a video last year

Guy's thoughts: “It’s lovely to be here in this amazing environment, it’s a great place for Decorex to be and fun to get out and see these young designers showcasing their work and it’s very nice to be a part of that. Decorex has been very clear in the last few years in encouraging these young people and putting them forward.”

Rabih Hage

Rabih Hage, Rabih Hage Studio, architect and designer

Who? Rabih Hage is an architect and designer who founded his London studio in 2001, a mix of beautiful interiors and visionary architecture with a cutting edge and ever-evolving creative approach. His work ranges from designs for beautiful furniture for private clients to the creation of design concepts with a commercial approach for his corporate clients.

Rabih and Decorex: Rabih Hage designed the Champagne Bar in 2012 using cardboard as his inspiration, a quirky mix of cardboard tubes and champagne bottles!

Rabih's thoughts: “To be involved in today’s shoot is a show of solidarity and respect for one of the best design and decorative shows in the world. Decorex is a great showcase, unique in its genre and presentation, a true source of information and contact for people in our industry.”

Martin Hulbert

Martin Hulbert, Martin Hulbert Design, interior designer

Who? Martin Hulbert is an award-winning designer and formed his company in 2010, a small but dedicated and enthusiastic team. His 25 years design experience has seen him design prestige residential work, cruise ships and hotel including The Grove Hotel, Coworth Park for the Dorchester Collection and imaginative new hotel spas for both Coworth Park and the Dorchester.

Martin and Decorex: Martin designed the Champagne Bar in 2011, a beautiful and serene oasis in the middle of the show, with a stunning installation made of red roses.

Martin's thoughts: “I love Decorex, I’ve been coming or been involved in some way for years, right back when it was first at Syon and I was a young designer and for me to come back and see the transition, being a part of it and being here now is very important to me.”

Tom Raffield
Tom Raffield, product designer

Who? Tom Raffield design and make a range of contemporary furniture and lighting, utilising the traditional craft of steam-bending wood in their woodland workshop in Cornwall, each piece individually finished with the care and attention of a fine piece of art.  Tom’s pieces fit beautifully into both domestic and commercial settings, all based on natural and organic forms.

Tom and Decorex: Tom Raffield will be exhibiting at Decorex 2016 for the first time.

Tom's thoughts: “I feel very honoured to be at involved in the photoshoot, it’s lovely to be recognised as someone who‘s doing something that’s very relevant today. I love going to Decorex as it’s a mix of very contemporary things, and then the more traditional and opulent. To be invited here today is a real honour.”

Laszlo Beckett
Lazslo Beckett, product designer

Who Lazslo’s background includes photography, graphic design, art and music production and it is this experience that informs the composition, proportion and digital aspect of his furniture designs. Working in solid hardwood, his designs embrace traditional skills whilst exploring the new landscape of digital craft.

Laszlo and Decorex: Laszlo exhibited at Decorex as part of the first Future Heritage in 2014.

Laszlo's thoughts: “It’s very nice to be asked to be part of this, as an alumni of Future Heritage. I was in the first year of Future Heritage and it’s very special to be here at Syon House, a beautiful location. To be paired with very established designers, it’s a lovely thing to do for new and upcoming designers like ourselves.”

Merete Rasmussen

Merete Rasmussen, product designer

Who? Merete is a Danish designer with a studio in Camberwell. She works with abstract sculptural form, creating flowing 3D shapes with soft but precise curves, sharp edges, concave surfaces and the discovery and strength of an inner or negative space. Merete’s sculptures are in bright strong colours which helps build further strength and energy around the product.

Merete and Decorex: Merete took part in Future Heritage in Decorex 2015.

Merete's thoughts: “Decorex has been great to me, giving me a number of contacts, showing my work to a different audience. My work is normally in galleries, but at a high-end art and design event it’s been great to meet and talk to new people.”

Tanya Gomez

Tanya Gomez, product designer

Who? Tanya hand throws porcelain vessels that are aesthetically beautiful and entirely functional. From her experience travelling the globe and living by the sea, Tanya takes her inspiration from these elements and turns them into clay resulting in some vibrant glazed decorative vessels.

Tanya and Decorex: Tanya exhibited as part of Future Heritage at Decorex International 2015.

Tanya's thoughts: “Today is a great opportunity to meet likeminded makers and to be in a position with fabulous people who have really take design and their surroundings seriously.”

Georgia Kemball

Georgia Kemball, textile designer

Who? Georgia makes beautiful textiles which are sold through The New Craftsmen. Having recently graduated from the RCA, Georgia takes some of her inspiration from 80’s DIY culture and a slightly punk aesthetic, bringing it into homeware so there’s a slightly chaotic feel to her textiles.

Georgia and Decorex: Georgia is part of The New Craftsmen who will feature at Decorex International this year.

Georgia's thoughts: “Today is a great opportunity to be featured alongside very established designers and to have just graduated it’s very exciting to be a part of this. I’m working with the New Craftsmen at Decorex this year which is very exciting!”

Sebastian Cox
Sebastian Cox, furniture designer

Who? Sebastian Cox is an award-winning designer and craftsman with a workshop that designs and makes fine objects from sustainable hardwoods. He uses his devotion to wood, curiosity, inventiveness and exquisite craftsmanship to make beautiful, useful and completely sustainable objects which have been sold in Heals, through The New Craftsmen and with collaborations with Benchmark.

Sebastian and Decorex: Sebastian exhibited as part of Future Heritage in 2015, and this year has his own stand at the show.

Sebastian's thoughts: “Today’s shoot has been fantastic. I’m quite new to the Decorex family having exhibited for the first time last year, but it’s been a great day, I’ve met some fantastic people and we even got a tour of Syon House so it’s been great!”

Nic Webb

Nic Webb, product designer

Who? Nic works with natural materials, predominantly wood, and uses combinations of traditional tools and modern methods to produce hand crafted objects of art and design.  Working with greenwood (unseasoned wood) allows great freedom in his making, allowing him to twist, move and change colours in the seasoning process, creating wonderful natural surprises.

Nic and Decorex: Nic exhibited with Future Heritage in 2014, and then brought more of his wonderful objects for an interactive ‘Making Luxury’ display at Decorex 2015.

Nic's thoughts: “This is my third year of Decorex and it’s been a very positive experience. It’s a great show, great to be part of it, very rewarding on many levels each time for myself and also to be part of the design community"