Maison Baccarat, Paris


Kate Williams, design director at Evitavonni, finds the crystal world of Baccarat both enchanting and inspiring...

'I love the enchanted design of the Maison Baccarat, Paris. Philippe Stark's magical vision encompasses rooms filled with statement chandeliers and delicate dinnerware and a vast crystal-endorsed chair which imposingly dwarfs the grand staircase it sits next to. The opulent space comprises Baccarat’s headquarters, a boutique, gallery museum, restaurant and the charming grand ballroom. As Evitavonni is one of only two UK retailers of Baccarat, I find visiting the maison remains an inspiring occasion to observe Baccarat’s unquestionable originality and distinctiveness.'

Maison Baccarat
11, place des Etats-Unis 
75116 Paris

Kate Williams, Evitavonni