Luxury Entertaining with Silverware


Jamie Horton, the managing director of Harlequin London – a luxury tableware, decorative accessories and lighting supplier is the expert in fine dining and entertainment. Here he talks about the rise in popularity of luxury silverware.

SIlverware by Christofle

There is something beautifully timeless about silver, a classic that recent trends show consumers are returning to. Where once silverware was saved for special occasions, now more people are buying it with the view that everyday dining should be treated as an occasion. In fact we have found that it is the younger market that are driving the change.

Silverware by Zanetto

In the last five years we gave seen a steady increase in silver sales and customers spending habits. Many purchasers are 20–30 years old and this is only increasing. I think many see it also as a smart financial investment in a word where financial climate is less predictable than ever.

Silverware by Puiforcat

Silverware has always been viewed as an investment, given as gifts to mark an important event such as a wedding or christening or a family heirloom passed through the generations. A sign of wealth and status, it has an enduring appeal despite the recent trend for copper and brass, as well as being extremely durable and high quality. Silver is obviously a precious metal and therefore commands a premium price, which has been increasing during the recession as investors have sought safe investments for their cash. However we have at last seen these prices fall as recovery becomes more certain. Indeed with the strength of the sterling and falling raw material costs some European silver manufacturers have lowered their prices for the UK for 2015.

Silverware by Zanetto

I set up Harlequin London over 14 years ago and have extensive knowledge on the entertainment and hospitality industry. This is usually what drives tableware trends and we have seen that an increasing amount of importance is being placed on hotel interiors and the attention to detail of the décor creating a thriving industry for interior suppliers. This ultimately has created a market where manufacturers are creating brand friendly and cohesive collections that use a wide range of materials.

Silverware by Christofle

In fact many brands now are collaborating with well known product designers to come up with more contemporary designs. It’s not all just about silver either, some suppliers (in particular Christofle, Puiforcat and Hermes) have begun to introduce well priced stainless steel collections to their portfolios in order to engage with a more contemporary market. Once they begin to understand the brand more many do actually ‘convert’ to the silver plate.

Passioni by Zanetto

Silver Time by Jean-Marie Massaud from Christofle is a prime example of the changing image of this precious metal, making the use of silver for more informal dining. Another good example is Enrico Zanetto’s beaten silverfrom his Passioni collections.

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