Paolo Moschino Decorex Interior Design Nicholas Haslam Design Journey

Design Journeys - Paolo Moschino for Nicholas Haslam

Founded in 1980, Nicholas Haslam comprises both retail and interior design and has a spectacular array of international awards to its name, including a place on Architectural Digest’s Top 100...
Guy Goodfellow

21 Questions with Guy Goodfellow

Guy Goodfellow is a leading designer, who creates interiors of rare elegance combining an architect’s training with an eye for beauty, and a judicious use of colour, fabrics and furniture. He set up...

Mark Robey: A passion for Design

Robeys have a passion for quality. A family business, Robeys has been established for over 30 years and has become a leading importer and retailer in the UK of exclusive fireplaces, refrigerators,...

Bill Amberg: The Leather Man

Bill Amberg founded the studio that bears his name over 20 years ago. Synonymous with the highest quality of leatherwork and with a passion for the material like no other, today his studio is as much...
Justin van Breda

Talking Luxury with Justin van Breda

A familiar face at Decorex International, Justin Van Breda presents furniture and lighting that is polished, sophisticated, charming and full of character. With a wealth of industry experience,...

One Flew Over: A floral feast

One Flew Over is a London-based florist made up of Charlie and Jess; a pair of floral designers with a passion for seasonal stems and natural beauty. Working from a space in Battersea, South-West...

Joanna Hauptman: The changing meaning of luxury

As Managing Director of luxury furniture brand Hyde House , Joanna Hauptman is no stranger to the changing face of the luxury industry. After founding Hyde House nine years ago, Joanna has taken the...

Martin and Sam Chadder: Exploring The Bath 'Graveyard'

With over 30 years of experience, a passion for antiques and his very own bath ‘graveyard’, there is little that Martin Chadder does not know about luxury bathrooms. Having started with a small...

Tim Gosling on the future of luxury

On entering Tim Gosling’s inner sanctum it very quickly becomes apparent that this is a man whose entire life revolves around design in various forms. From the personally penned letters of Wren and...

Andrew Hancock: Preserving heritage with Wedgwood

What do you achieve if you combine the design styles and remarkable knowledge of two of the British luxury market’s most revered heritage brands? The answer, of course, is an innovative new...

Alexandra Llewellyn: Passion and The Game

A derivative of the game was found in King Tutankhamen’s tomb; Plato describes a form of the game noting on its popularity; and the Romans used it to play a classical version of strip poker. After...

Susie Rumbold on the Future of Luxury

As President Elect of the BIID, interior designer Susie Rumbold is soon to be following in the footsteps of fellow renowned designers Daniel Hopwood and Diana Yakeley as the face and voice of the...