Industry Profile: Christopher Jenner


Since establishing his design studio a mere four years ago, Christopher Jenner has swiftly become a high profile name within the design world. With a penchant for crafted complexity and a reputation for strategic design proposals, Christopher has fast become associated with engaging and emotive spaces. After being awarded 'British Breakthrough Talent' in 2012, his ability to conflate the past and present captures a magical and emotive sprit within his designs.

Following his appearance at Decorex 2014 as part of our Seminar Programme, we caught up with Christopher after the show to find out more about his high profile projects and rapid rise to design fame...

Firstly, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I established my Studio in September 2010; I design interiors and products for brands.

What first drew you into the world of interior design?

With the recession it became more important for brands to impart a sense of value into their interiors, the focus moved away from product development to brand building. It was the perfect time to establish a studio where we could help brands to discover their values through the medium of design.

Drummonds' Notting Hill Showroom by Christopher Jenner, image courtesy of Michael Franke

Who or what would you say is your biggest inspiration?

I’m quite obsessed with plants, they are an inspiration in my daily life and my work, their shapes and forms are an endless fascination.

If you could describe your work in 3 words, what would they be?

Narrated, crafted, connections

Swell installation by Christopher Jenner, Image courtesy of Michael Franke

Can you tell us a little about the design inspiration behind ‘Urbem’, the piece you presented at this year’s Decorex?

‘Urbem’ is Latin for city. The collection consists of 8 pieces and is inspired by late 19th century street lighting, a time of glorious collaboration between craft and technology, a collision that lead to many of the incredible design pieces we love today. The collection is a commentary on Italian identity, illustrating how by referencing the past we can inform and create the future.

The Urbem Collection by Christopher Jenner

You joined us at the Decorex Seminar Theatre for a talk on your past projects, can you tell us a little about them?

The studio has been involved in a varied range of projects, from designing interiors for fragrance brands and transportation hubs, to creating bathroom furniture and designing a carry capsule for architects. It is the attention to detail, passion for craftsmanship and narrating the story at the heart of the project that both connects and differentiates them.

The Globetrotter Archtube by Christopher Jenner

The Eurostar Ticket Hall at St Pancras International has been widely acclaimed; can you tell us more about this particular project?

Few brands straddle the divide of two cultures, it was therefore essential to connect the project with a time and place. We looked for similarities that would help us to define the experience. We settled on Art Nouveau and Victorian Gothic, both movements of the moment and directly linked to transport.

The Eurostar at St Pancras by Christopher Jenner, image courtesy of Michael Franke

During your talk, you spoke about the pressures of heading up a studio which is rapidly rising within the industry, what would you say is your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge is the result. We design and build our projects; the key to a successful project is attention to detail and exceptional consideration. The design industry is incredibly demanding, and the need for reinvention is endless.

Leadenhall Market by Christopher Jenner, image courtesy of Michael Franke

Can you tell us about your thoughts on the future of Luxury design?

Luxury is very much about a crafted experience, be that interiors, product or service. We will see a less constrained manifestation of Luxury and a more plural reflection of taste and style.

Can you tell us about a current project you are working on?

We’re currently working on a project in the new World Trade centre in New York, the site is hallowed ground which makes for tricky logistics and security.

The Elgin by Christopher Jenner for Drummonds

What does the future hold for you?

I hope happiness and the ability to grow.

As a renowned figure within the industry, what would your advice be for aspiring designers?

Set goals, work hard and then work harder.

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