The importance of being at Decorex, for members of the press and beyond


Here are some of my pictures of last year’s show. You’d be forgiven for thinking that it doesn’t look like your imagined idea of Decorex. It certainly doesn’t look like mine, or rather, how mine used to look.


Now, for those of you that still think of Decorex as an interior design show for folk inclined towards the more traditional styles; Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo et al., do not suffer under this illusion any longer. I too, was of this school of thought and over the last few years I have watched it grow into something fresh and new.  This refreshed west London show is much more in line with the contemporary design inklings that belong to the majority of the national press and the UK’s high street retail buyers, which whilst I do not advocate a uniform style or thought process of what interior design is, or should be, I feel an acknowledgment of this is no bad thing especially as we all feed one another.  Remember that we, the press, need you all as much as you need us. For it can only gain your company greater respect for your knowledge and understanding of the market, current or future.


And before those of you who like your classic interiors, all cry out ‘travesty!’, fear not, for all the favourites are still there. They’re just interspersed with a light, refreshing burst of smaller ‘designer-maker’ modern-style textile and furniture businesses in-between. See it as a gentle introduction and persuasion of the modern. Decorex has watched, learnt and has started instigating a wider and more varied choice of exhibitors, therefore pulling in a broader audience. This isn’t the only area that sees the forward vision of Decorex at play, you only need to look to the numerous social media outlets to see them embracing the future, be it technologies (social media as before), exhibitors (old and the new, the big and the small), contributors (bloggers) or audience (the loyalists and the converts, the young and the old unite).


I, for one, shall be looking forward to this year’s show. I know how good it is for me to see the multitude of shops and designers that aren’t necessarily in my natural comfort zone. For the more I know, the more I understand and can utilize and that makes me a better stylist and journalist than before. Every day’s a school day, y’know.

Emily Blunden has worked in the media industry as an interiors stylist and writer for over seven years, contributing to a number of nationwide publications, styling commercially and producing her own blog, Atticus and Finch

Images copyright © Emily Blunden