Ian Mankin turns reclaimed timber into stylish furniture


Made entirely from recycled timber, these beautiful hand-crafted pieces of furniture from Ian Mankin are perfect for adding some laidback style to the home. Both eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, the furniture range sits well with the company’s organic ethos.

All the timber used has been salvaged from renovation projects. We particularly like the neat Blackpool Pier lampstands, which have been created from sections of Blackpool Pier that were removed during its renovation. The wood has then been cleaned and polished, revealing a wonderful patina from where the water has worn away the timber.

The range includes coffee tables, lampstands and a magazine box, with a variety of finishes available, including Natural, Lime Oil and Lime Wax. All the pieces are hand-made in the UK.

Prices range from £65 for a ladder made from driftwood, to £295 for the low coffee table on castors.