Future Heritage Spotlight: Nadia-Anne Ricketts


The ‘Future Heritage’ installation was touted a stand-out feature at Decorex 2014. Curated by prestigious design critic, Corinne Julius, it showcased work from twenty-one extremely talented and diverse names whose concepts and techniques pushed last year’s boundaries in British craft.

Of the initiative, Corinne explained: “Future Heritage is not a gallery; it’s a personal choice. Individual works can be bought, but the idea is to show visitors people whom they might consider commissioning for their own projects.” The selected designers and makers were on location throughout the show, giving them an opportunity to explain their work, ideas and inspirations, while participating also in mini ‘booth’ talks.

Corinne clearly took great pride hand-picking the group of design/makers, whose melange of works displayed was created using a variety of materials, including: ceramic, metal, textile, wood and plastic. She praised each participant for making beautiful, interesting, intelligent pieces all with strong ideas underlying their work.

Nadia Ricketts

Six months on from the show, we quickly caught up with the very clever Nadia-Anne Ricketts, Future Heritage participant and founder/director of multi-award winning digital textiles label, Beatwoven. She has found a way to fuse music and fashion by translating sounds into luxury bespoke woven pieces for use in interior spaces.

Awards and private commissions plentiful, she certainly hasn’t wasted any time since last September. We found out what she’s been up to and what’s in store for the future. Read on...

Can you tell us a little about your appearance at last year’s Decorex? How did this come about?

I was asked by Corinne Julius to be part of the curated Future Heritage stand, after several meetings with her at other exhibitions, shows etc. Corinne asked if I could make a woven fabric design especially for the stand that will be in line with the beautiful setting of Syon Park. I chose the use woven patterns I created from the music Water Music as it was the 300th accession to the English throne of King George I, and this song composed for him by his own composer Handel.


What was the most valuable experience you took away from the show?

The most valuable experience was meeting all the trade visitors and hearing all the different opportunities and projects there were. I received a good contact list.


What have you been up to since Decorex 2014? Any new projects etc?

I have been very busy since Decorex 2014. I was one of the winners of the Crafts Council HOTHOUSE 5 in January 2015, I have also just been awarded the Creativeworks BOOST fund to help with a future project which will be shown at Decorex 2015. I have also been working on private commissions, and going to many presentations with Interior Designers here in London and New York regarding some future projects. I have also been working with a music producer and international DJ on a BeatWoven art project, which will be shown at London Craft Week at The Cockpit Arts Summer Open Studio’s.

What does the future hold for you?

The immediate future holds some opportunities to work with some amazing interior design projects for high-end residential and yachts. This excites me the most, as I can not wait to see my BeatWoven work in large scale, but also in a functional setting.  I am also in conversations with 2 major brands from the USA on doing some collaborative projects with them.


You will be joining us at Decorex 2015; can you give us some sneak clues of what you will be exhibiting at the year’s show?

Yes I will. I will have my own stand that I am VERY excited about. I have wanted to be part of Decorex since I started my BeatWoven journey. I will be showcasing a new collection, as well as an opportunity for the visitors to ‘Play’ their own musical patterns to create textile designs. This will be the result of the BOOST Award I have just won. I’m sure there will be drinks as well on the opening night.


If you could describe your work in 3 words, what would they be?

Quality, Stunning, Intelligent

Can you tell us more about the ethos behind your work?

My work is obviously driven through my passion for music. After travelling the world as a professional dancer, I realised how much music is at the core of every culture and truly an universal language. I feel it is important to be able to create intelligent design that is unique and beautiful but just happens to be the patterns created from music. This gives a depth and meaning to the work which is important in luxury design and in this digital age of the enlightened senses. I therefore have an ethos for innovation, beauty, quality, opulence with a fun or meaningful twist.

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