Editor's Picks 2015: Finding the Future of Luxury


Luxury – a term often used, ever increasingly popular and rigorously debated within the industry. With the meaning of the word luxury being questioned as it constantly evolves and changes, can the term now ever be truly defined?

In exploration of this year’s Decorex theme, we published a poll to ask the Decorex community which words or terms they perceive to be most related to the Future of Luxury. The results are in, and in celebration our Content Editor, Allie Little, has scoured the show to highlight those products and exhibitors which embody each of the eight winning terms in this year’s Decorex Editor’s picks. Don’t miss out on your chance to see each of the exhibitor’s below at this year’s Decorex, register to join us at the last day of the show right here!

The definitions of Luxury

Time: Newcraftsmen various makers, VIP lounge

The New Craftsmen has worked with a selection of Britain’s finest craft makers to showcase the materials, skills and craft products of the British Isles in this year’s VIP lounge alongside House & Garden. Atmospheric, cosy and rustic, this year’s lounge features an impressive array of pieces, of particular interest are the 57 stunning hand woven baskets hanging above the lounge, which took an astonishing 350 hours combined of making time.

Innovation: Moritz Waldemeyer Future Heritage

Moritz Waldemeyer is an internationally renowned designer based in London, and part of this year's Future Heritage. His work occupies a diverse range of creative spaces, from art and product design through to fashion and entertainment. For his piece Ming, Moritz uses stainless steel pieces and LED embedded circuit boards to create a visually stunning and innovative collection. Designed using parametric techniques, each of the pieces are flat until put into sequence where they transform into three dimensional objects.

Legacy: Alexandra Llewellyn A23

Alexandra Llewellyn Designs embody an exquisitely unique vision of the oldest recorded board game in the world – Backgammon. British designer Alexandra works with an incredible network of British craftsman, making any design and use of material possible and each piece is built to the very highest of standards, to create pieces which are sure to become future heirlooms.

Bespoke: Rinat Goldwater Art & Design K29

Rinat is a London-based artist who designs and makes sculptural lighting, unique pieces of furniture and fine art sculptures. All works are individually crafted to size, shape and finish, giving each individual work a story and character all its own. Be sure to ask Rinat about her wonderful Sphere in Hands, a personalised sculpture meant to represent bonding love and connection between people, which can be made from the hand casts of the commissioner.

Ground Breaking Technology: Volta J28

In a first for Decorex, Volta’s team of highly skilled painters and decorators are showcasing their stunning painted ceilings both in real life and in the virtual world in one of Making Luxury’s interactive installations.  Be one of the first to personally enter a virtual world of interior design and experience how this new and emerging technology is set to collide and change the way we view projects, items and materials in the future, by experiencing luxury through virtual reality with Volta.

Nature: Naomi Paul E37b

Launching at Decorex 2015, Naomi Paul’s new Simple Shade collection is a must see for any visitor interested in the use of natural materials. Forming part of the Homes and Gardens Wool Trail at the show, Naomi was approached by Campaign for Wool to undertake the challenge of designing woollen lighting. The simplicity of the shapes coupled with the technique of crochet ensures the piece stays true to the raw beauty of the 100% wool fibres.

Contemporary Processes: Beat Woven A69

You may recognise Nadia-Anne Ricketts from last year’s inaugural Future Heritage collection. Following the interest of visitors in her work, Nadia is back with her very own stand at Decorex 2015, showcasing her wonderfully manufactured digitally designed fabrics. BeatWoven® is a multi-award winning woven art-led textiles label, pioneering globally in pattern exploration with its couture fabrics for the prestige interior design market. It uses its skilfully coded audio technology as an instrument to translate and reveal the geometric patterns created by the beats and sounds in music. 

Traditional Processes: Andrea Felice H20

Andrea Felice is a 3rd generation designer of creative furniture pieces designed and manufactured in London. For the Elementi Copper Patina Cabinet, Andrea uses traditional ancient techniques to produce a stunning contemporary product by treating copper with a variety of chemicals to colour the material. There is also an intriguing materials display on the stand, showcasing some of the many joinery techniques, woods, and finishes that Andrea Felice offer as part of their bespoke service.

It’s not too late to join us at the show and see all of these exhibitors and more at Decorex 2015!