Designscape: Residential Highlights

August played host to Designscape’s inaugural event, which was brimming with insightful virtual discussions and symposiums. We share the highlights from the residential focused day, recapping on the key takeaways and learnings. Designscape’s vibrant line-up served as a welcome update for the industry; an opportunity to learn, grow and allow fresh ideas to take shape.  

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Headline Discussion: The Art & Science of the Home 

Past Project Natalia Miyar
Past Project: Natalia Miyar

"The environment we live in profoundly shapes what choices we make and the way our brains execute these actions, and in fact, I would say that it changes the possible actions that are represented in the brain." -Dr Ash Ranpura 

Designscape’s headline discussion, The Art & Science of the Home, set the tone for the day with a thoughtful dialogue from panellists, Dr Ash Ranpura – Neuroscientist and Natalia Miyar – Founder of Natalia Miyar Atelier. Moderated by Pip McCormac – Executive Director for Living etc, Homes and Gardens and 25 Beautiful Homes, the group discussed the new criteria and considerations governing the design of the home. With behavioural and environmental factors affecting our priorities, notions of wellbeing, practicality and comfort revealed themselves to be overriding factors at present. Naturally, the current pandemic’s effect on home workings became a topic of interest for the panellists, particularly the idea of open plan spaces posing problems for working professionals during lockdown. The full episode is now available to watch via Designscape’s on-demand selection – register for free or log in to your profile.

The New Luxury 

The New Luxury Taylor Howes
Past Project: Taylor Howes

"The pure luxury are the pieces people don't know about and that might not be part of a trend but mean something really special to you" - Staffan Tolgard  

What does luxury mean to us today? This is the question that panellists Shalini Misra, Founder of Shalini Misra Ltd, Staffan Tollgard – Founder of Tollgard Design Group and Karen Howes – Founder & Chief Executive at Taylor Howes set out to tackle in this fascinating talk.

Taking into account evolving attitudes towards the notion of luxury, the speakers used their joint knowledge and expertise to highlight considerations that might be ranking highest to consumers nowadays: from sustainability to ultimate choice. This discussion was moderated by Walpole CEO, Helen Brocklebank, who masterfully steered the conversation and posed some hard-hitting questions to the team. The full episode is now available to watch via Designscape’s on-demand selection – register for free or log in to your profile.

A Sustainable Future 

Sustainable future natalia miyar
Past Project: Natalia Miyar

"Bespoke rugs are at the higher end, luxury side of the market so we've got to make recycled plastic a luxury item by keeping them hand-knotted, hand-made and hand-woven and understanding the provenance of that.”  

Later in the day, Designscape’s virtual discussions turned towards the matter of sustainability and its future within the design sphere. The session brought together a talented pool of speakers, including Georgia Elliott-Smith – Managing Director at Element4, Nicola Keenan and Nicola Lindsell – Founders of Boxx Creative, and Jennifer Manners – Founder of Jennifer Manners Design. The group conversed about how we might create a circular economy in design, whilst covering the key pillars of responsibility that should be adhered to. The discussion ended with some practical advice on the ways brands and designers can make a phased shift to a more sustainable practice. The full episode is now available to watch via Designscape’s on-demand selection – register for free or log in to your profile.

The Future of Trends 

the future of trends tayloor howes
Past Project: Taylor Howes

"As an interior designer, you never really gravitate towards the trend colours, you actively avoid them. Clients want to see timeless designs, something that will last."  

Led by Decorex’s very own Event Director, Sam Fisher, the residential day concluded with a spirited debate on trends and what we might expect to see coming from design’s most creative minds in the near future. The session began with a focus on what the word ‘trend’ really means, whether this is an apt way to describe movements in interior design and if this is something that we should follow or not. Speakers Susie Rumbold – Creative Director at Tessuto Interiors, Brian Woulfe – Managing Director for Designed by Woulfe Ltd and Karen Haller – Founder of Karen Haller Colour & Design Consultancy made their predictions on colour and styles that they felt might be more prevalent going forward. 

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