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Sella Concept is an international design studio specialising in interiors, identities and installations. Known for its attention to sensory detail and brand-driven design process, the studio’s work encompasses interiors, visual identity, set design and curation.

Founded in 2016 by Tatjana von Stein and Gayle Noonan, Sella Concept’s projects encompass retail and other commercial spaces, restaurants and bars, hotels and members’ clubs, and often include brand-identity development and bespoke furniture design.

Working on exciting, high-end projects Sella Concept’s work includes Night Tales, Omar’s Place and De Beauvoir Block, all located in central London.

Every project the studio embarks on begins with the development of an in-depth understanding of the brand and a clear outline of the emotions and experiences that the space, identity or installation needs to create in order to bring that brand to life.

Sella Concept’s approach is open, collaborative and hands-on, built on the belief that by working together, being responsive, and having the courage to push boundaries, Gayle and Tatjana can create storytelling designs that transport, engage and excite.

“Our aim is to design spaces and brands that transport people through a seamless combination of visual and tactile details. Designs that tell memorable stories, and places where a thousand compelling moments unfold every day."

Sella Concept

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