The 'B' Bed by Sacha Walckhoff for Savoir


Inspired by the handcrafted Savoir mattress pocket springs, the 'B' bed by Sacha Walckhoff features pod-like cubby-holes and a headboard made entirely of pocket springs, upholstered in 'Powder' blue Alcantara® - a technological and innovative material most commonly used to cover car, aircraft and yacht interiors.

As Creative Director of Christian Lacroix, Walckhoff’s passion for design and quirky approach shine through in the elaborate style of the bed. With a retro silhouette, the 'B' bed nods to the furniture of 1970s, while its functionality, material and trend-driven colourway offer a contemporary edge. 

The ‘B’ bed marks just one of the carefully selected designers Savoir has collaborated with so far this year to craft an inspired and innovative range of beds, including Lv Yongzhong, Philip Gorrivan, Nicky Haslam, and Mary Fox Linton.

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