5 minutes with....Turner Pocock


Turner Pocock are this year's VIP Lounge designers, their fun and colourful flair will be seen within the 'Bahamas style' lounge in September. Celebrating 10 years of their company this year, we caught up with Emma and Bunny for a quick chat...

Turner Pocock

Describe a typical day for Turner Pocock

Our days vary hugely, several coffees for the whole team and then it all depends what stage the projects are in, we have about 15 on a go at once all at different points. We could be designing which would start in the office with floor plans and spacial planning, leading onto furniture choices, then taking a trip to the harbour to begin the scheming process. Or we could be at site meetings, client meetings, involved in an install, photo shoot… there is no typical day really but sadly we find ourselves longing for days at our computers which are few and far between!


How has the planning for the VIP lounge differed to your other projects?

We addressed the VIP room much as we would any other project, however with no brief we came up with our own, which was fantastic fun, we initially worked on 3 concepts and then had an internal vote on which we liked the best, obviously the ‘Bahamas beach’ feel was always going to win votes, it’s fun and we have loved the opportunity of using slightly different schemes to ones we may be using in an average project in Western Europe.

Describe your design style in three words

Colourful, Patterned, Varied

What’s your most recent interiors discovery?

Some of this year’s fabric finds have been pretty exciting, Walter G and Clay from Australia, Kate Loudoun-Shand and Rebecca Atwood from the states, some of whose fabrics we are using on the stand.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

We LOVE what we do, on holiday we spend our entire time sending images of interiors, exteriors, furniture, fabrics to each other, we would be very expensive wives if we weren’t interior designers!!

What is your first memory of Decorex?

Not necessarily the first but certainly one of the most memorable was coming to Decorex with a very famous client who insisted on seeing it even though the house was very much already in production, it certainly put a different twist on it!

What is your favourite interiors retailer?

Oh there are so many, but Julian Chichester have always been a favourite, their output is so varied and they will bespoke almost anything for us which is pretty critical to the way that we work. Chelsea Textiles for our ‘go to’ bedside tables, again they will produce bespoke items for us and they are so practical. For fabrics, Christopher Farr remain a firm favourite and the suppliers Tissues d’Helene and Lorfords London both house many fabulous fabric companies.

Name two challenges in the design industry today

Firstly with the increase of social media and image saturation there is a risk of the interior world becoming more fashion led and transient, this is something we try hard to avoid, aiming to create interiors with schemes which will last many years without feeling dated.  Secondly we live in a world of getting things in an instance, the sad reality of this is that clients are less and less prepared to wait and some of the most interesting and beautiful things take time to make, beautiful carpets, bespoke wallpapers etc, the challenge is persuading a client these things are worth waiting for.

If you had a secret superpower, what would it be?

The ability to add hours on the end of a day, we always need more!

Turner Pocock will also be speaking to House and Garden Decoration Editor, Gabby Deeming, at Decorex on Sunday 17th September at 12pm in the Seminar Theatre.
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