5 minutes with....Shalini Misra


In the first of a series of Q&A's with some of the Decorex collaborators, we took 5 minutes to catch up with Shalini Misra, designer of this year's Champagne Bar....


Describe a typical day for Shalini Misra…

I drop my 11 year daughter to school at 8am. Then I go to the gym, yoga or for a walk in Hampstead Heath follow with the breakfast news. I go to the design studio at 10am to work with the designers and client meetings and suppliers visits follow that. Dinner is at 7.00pm where I enjoy a chat with family and twice a week I go out for movies, have dinner with friends or play bridge with friends. Bedtime is at 11pm!


Name three challenges in the design industry today

Ensuring the design is accomplished as it is intended
The integration of ever changing technology
Reinvention on a regular basis


Name three opportunities in the design industry today

Collaborating with innovative artists
he fact that beautiful and affordable design is now more available than ever 
Diversity. We can now work anywhere worldwide, learning from and working in partnership with different cultures.

How has the planning for the Champagne bar differed to your usual projects?

We did not feel confined by specific client needs so felt that we could be really creative and have a lot of fun with this project.  The Great Exhibition was a great inspiration.  We wanted to create something that depicted our interpretation of the Great Exhibition but make sure the design was immediately understandable.  The idea was to bring life and theatre to the design, recreating an era and making it relevant to our time.

How were you inspired by the Great Exhibition?

This theme came out of a visual research around the idea of the 1800’s and international design. The further backward we looked the further forward we began to see. The original drawings of the exhibition show vivid colour, materials and products displayed from overseas. The concept fitted perfectly as Decorex International is synonymous with luxury and style. The original drawings of the exhibition became the foundation we used to design the Champagne Bar.

Which living person do you most admire and why?

What a tricky question! That is food for thought. It is far too hard to name just one person, I meet many inspiring people!

What is the one characteristic you think every designer should possess?

There are several… curiosity, innovation, resolve, practicality, stamina

What is your favourite interiors retailer?

Sky’s the limit…Nilufar/ Dimore

Off the peg…Conran

Describe your design style in 3 words.

Bespoke, timeless and bold

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give to your 10 year old self?

Have fun, do what you enjoy most

What is your first memory of Decorex?

Wow….My first visit was 20 years ago, I loved the selection of suppliers and the scale

Make sure you visit Decorex to see Shalini's Champagne Bar design, a true celebration of our 40th year!