5 minutes with.....Emilio Pimentel-Reid


Emilio Pimentel-Reid is an award-winning Editor, Interiors Stylist and Brand Consultant working with some of the world’s most recognised publications including (international editions of Architectural Digest and GQ ) brands (Georg Jensen, De le Cuona , Original BTC) and retailers (Harrods, Heal’s, John Lewis). Emilio is chairing a panel discussion on the Future of Design at Decorex this year, we spent 5 minutes catching up with him beforehand...

Emilio Pimentel-Reid

Describe a typical day for Emilio…

Most people who work in our industry will agree there is no typical day. Mine usually starts early.  I recently moved to a Regency building in Bath and my work is in London, around the country or abroad so I’m either catching a train or heading to an airport. 

Editorially my clients range from print to online publications, and commercially (which is a growing part of my practice) I collaborate with furniture, lighting, wallpaper and table top brands, plus book publishers and increasingly interior designers. 

On a winter day I could be on a roof -top garden conjuring summer for a British GQ  ‘Bachelor Pad’ shoot,  in one of the counties refreshing colour palettes and setting trend direction for a paint company, or looking like a yeti covered in fur throws while styling press shots for a department store. 

When I finally make it back home my day ends with a cup of Spanish Tila-Flor tea, reading a biography (currently Josiah Wedgwood’s) and right before I close my eyes I thumb through old interior books so that I can fall asleep thinking about beautiful things.  Yes I believe you can edit your dreams!

Describe your design style 

Historically informed, colourful and injected with knowledge of the latest trends.

You’re hosting a seminar this year entitled The Future of Design, how do you see the Future of Design?

The future of design is about joy, craftsmanship, new materials, personality, integrity and fun.  Come to our panel discussion on 18 September for the details! 

What has been the highlight of your career?

A highlight of my career has been watching how all my random earlier experiences have come together in my current role.

I learned about colour and flair at Oscar de la Renta. At Joseph Holtzman’s ‘Nest’ magazine I saw that every interior no matter how grand, humble or over the top can be valid and exciting.From interior designer Vicente Wolf I learned about subtlety, discipline and clarity of vision.

What’s your most recent interiors discovery?

I’m currently obsessed with Crystal table lamps. Most of the ones I like are vintage and I am still looking for the perfect new model or to develop my own ideas with the right company.

How do you think the industry has changed over the last 10 years?

Every brand now has the potential to become a magazine and I am thrilled with the beautiful images, authoritative editorial and inspiration that I am seeing from some of my favourite brands.

What are you excited about seeing at this year’s Decorex?

I’m looking forward to catching up with colleagues -in person! Part of the fun of attending Decorex (beyond seeing all the new products) is having the opportunity to talk to designers, to learn what has inspired them, touch the fabrics and materials.  

Decorex is an opportunity to really understand what’s happening in our industry beyond a photograph.  There is only so much information and inspiration one can glean from an Instagram post.

If you had one superpower what would it be?

Being able to cook!  I enjoy setting my table but often have to rely on others for the food.

Emilio is an authority in Style, Design and Trend Direction. An advocate for British design and manufacturing, he also consults with leading interior companies and emerging talent advising in the areas of creative direction and brand development.

Follow his cult Instagram feed @whatemiliosaw exploring all things visual and design.

Book your ticket to Decorex to see Emilio's panel discussion on Monday September 18th at 12pm.