17 Patterns' artists on debut collection

17 Patterns presents Artists’ Backgrounds

September 2015 17 Patterns has worked with the following artists and street artists, illustrators and graphic designers to deliver its debut collection of striking wallpapers and companion fabrics. 


Paris is a contemporary artist with more than 20 years’ experience. Born and raised in North East England, his hand-crafted letter forms and abstract painting style are applauded globally and are synonymous with breaking new ground. In 2011/12, he was the artist-in-residence for British band, Coldplay, producing the artwork for their 5th album and international tour, Mylo Xyloto. He has also produced album artwork for the Rolling Stones, Robbie Williams, and Ed Sheeran, to name a few. Paris moved to Somerset in 2013 were he began exploring the local countryside and ancient forests. It was here that he started to experiment with watercolours; painting wild mushrooms and abstract interpretations of nature. He holds a BA (Hons) degree in Surface Pattern and Textile Print.



Christina K is a London based/Athens-born illustrator, textile designer, screen printer and film producer who works with a blend of traditional and digital techniques. The melange of influences which ignite the creative inspiration behind Christina K’s work have little common ground other than an obvious energy and a bias towards the hedonistic love of visual sensation. Her illustrations have been championed by international record labels, magazines, fashion houses and TV companies that have the openness to be visually stimulating. 



British artist, Ben Allen is renowned for his controversial Pop paintings. Using a collage style of unlikely juxtapositions, his dynamic paintings are complex mash-ups of popular culture that critique the dull and mundane; challenge the media's view on sexuality; and inspire a sense of freedom. With designs gracing the walls of celebrity names such as Jade Jagger, Stephen Dorff, and Richard Branson, Allen’s work has featured in leading publications including The Times, The Observer, Elle Déco, GQ, Huck, and Design Week.



British designer, Nosca Inc is based in east London and sits at the forefront of interior art direction. Nosca champions the curation of non-conformist artists whose ideals do not fit into the gallery or agency representation mould. His diverse (and often confidential) artist services are an underground entity endorsed purely by word-of-mouth referral. He has curated major London shows for renowned, subversive artists which have featured on national TV news. He crossed over into the world of interior design in 2010, providing design, art direction and installation advisory services for interior designers.  


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