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Angus Ross

Putting Responsible Design into Practice: 6 Sustainable Brands for 2021

01/04/2021 Blog
Sustainable design. Responsible design. These terms are consistently used amongst design professionals, but what do they really mean? As attitudes towards design continue to change, we in the...
Essential Twitter Accounts

Essential Interior Design Twitter Accounts to Follow

19/02/2021 Blog
Social media is a fantastic place to gain inspiration, industry insight and ideas for the future. We know that it’s not always easy to know what accounts to follow and who will be posting the best...

Architonic: The Rough with the Smooth - A Journey Through Ukrainian Interiors

09/12/2020 Blog
While the Ukraine may not come top of mind when it comes to architecture and design, its interior-design scene, with its marriage of the raw and the refined, is gaining increasing attention...
Curiousa & Curiousa

Decorex X The English Home: Design Series with Curiousa & Curiousa – A sneak peek

03/12/2020 Interviews
In our fourth instalment of the Design Series, an editorial collaboration between Decorex X  The English Home , we catch up with Esther Patterson – Designer and Director of stunning lighting brand...
Vezzini & Chen

Catching Up with Future Heritage Alumni: Vezzini & Chen

26/11/2020 Interviews
Future Heritage is an integral part of Decorex. Each year a special place on the event floor is reserved for this showcase of collectible items and unique craftmanship. Its aim is to champion...
Cameron Design House

10 Reasons Why Decorex Virtual Is Your Ultimate Design Fix

16/11/2020 Blog
With Decorex Virtual – our inaugural digital edition – just around the corner, we share 10 reasons to attend. We’ve pooled all of our creativity to bring our community together for three days of...
Decorex X The English Home: V&A

Decorex X The English Home: Design Series with V&A – A Sneak Peek

05/11/2020 Interviews
We are proud to present the third instalment of our Design Series, an inspiring editorial collaboration between Decorex X The English Home . Our journey so far has introduced us to some very talented...
cutting through the greenwash

Sustainability in Design and the Pitfalls of ‘Greenwashing’

23/10/2020 Blog
Sustainability has become somewhat of a buzzword over the last few years, with brands across every industry promising to roll up their sleeves and be kinder to the planet. But what does it really...
Decorex X The English Home: Pooky

Decorex X The English Home: Design Series with Pooky – A Sneak Peek

16/10/2020 Interviews
In the second Design Series instalment, a collaboration between Decorex X The English Home , we catch up with Pooky Founder – Rohan Blacker. Pooky is known for its beautiful, decorative lighting...
Creatives Behind the Creative - Polly Williams

Polly Williams: Creatives Behind the Creatives

08/10/2020 Blog
Decorex puts the spotlight on the creative individuals working behind the scenes to make interior designers’ visions a reality. Polly Williams, multi award-winning designers’ advisor and founder of...
Walls Beyond

Decorex’s Autumn Colour Report 2020 

01/10/2020 Blog
Decorex explores the colours that have been most prevalent and important to the design world in the months leading up to autumn, and how these might be woven into our decorating schemes going forward...
Aldeco Textiles

Textile Brand, Aldeco: A Closer Look

28/09/2020 Interviews
Decorex recently caught up with Portuguese textile brand, Aldeco to learn about their work, products and rich history. Delving into the intricacies of their work and inspiration, they help us to...