Future Heritage 2019

Showcasing the most exciting emerging makers and craftspeople, Future Heritage is the UK’s leading platform for British craft, designed to discover and support collectible artists and designers.

This year, renowned applied arts and design critic and curator, Corinne Julius, will make her selection of designer-makers, who work across a diverse range of media - from metal and glass to ceramics and digital.

Gavin Keightley | Decorex International


Keightley is inspired by the power of natural erosion; the wind, the rain, the land and the sea.

The spirit and intent of these processes can be channelled and controlled with precision through hands-on manufacturing techniques, generating artificial erosion processes as a tool to aid in the creation of object.

Hsiao-Chi & Kimiya | Decorex International


London-based artists Hsiao-Chi Tsai and Kimiya Yoshikawa work collaboratively on distinctive sculptural interventions which explore classical notions of colour, shape and form derived from nature onto post-industrial materials, starting with glass and metal through to more cutting-edge Neoprene, Jesmonite, fibreglass and Perspex.

Hazel Thorn | Decorex International


Focussing on bold and expressive ink painting, Thorn’s aim is to combine this exuberance with the technical precision needed for silversmithing, creating pieces which are carefully constructed but which appear painterly. 

Celia Dowson | Decorex International


Dowson is a  British artist whose artistic intention is to draw out the extraordinary in everyday objects. Celia’s collections, in both ceramic and glass are developed through observing the natural world and qualities of atmosphere and place.

Alice Walton | Decorex International


Walton works with coloured clay throughout its plastic states, aiming to highlight the meditative process of the material. Her sculptural and abstract forms explore complex and intense surface textures and intend to provoke intrigue.

James Rigler | Decorex International


James Rigler’s vibrant ceramic objects are inspired by the language of architectural ornament, including its most monumental and grandiose schemes. Thoughts of ancient ruins, romantic landscapes, and lost places inform the works, where recognisable objects collide with unexpected details, colours and scale.

Shiqi Li, Future Heritage | Decorex International


Shiqi Li (Gloria) is a Chinese-born emerging jewellery artist and designer. Creating work that transforms domestic objects into jewellery and back again, Shiqi Li challenges the notion of what jewellery is, changing the perceptions of the home space.



Beginning his creative path in 2014 and having spent 20 or so years in a very different vocation, his artistic foundation originated with the form of a spoon. Hope now yields all kinds of objects, both abstract and functional. Each are skilfully carved and shaped from single pieces of wood using a combination of traditional and modern carving and techniques.

Studio Furthermore | Decorex International


Creative duo Marina Dragomirova & Iain Howlett, Studio Furthermore, strive to seek out new kinds of material and cultural realities. With their unique material processes the designers create furniture and lighting as well as objects for living and other design outcomes, working within a variety of mediums such as aluminium and glass.

Anna Lorenz, Future Heritage | Decorex International


Simplicity of form and attention to subtle details characterize the objects, tableware and sculptures of Anna Lorenz. She utilizes geometric forms, predominately the square to investigate space, line and composition in her contemporary metal vessels. New creations for Future Heritage will include a metal screen, paper wall pieces and floating wire sculptures.

Fernando Laposse, Future Heritage | Decorex International


Fernando Laposse is a Mexican product and material designer. Fernando’s work focuses on transforming humble natural materials that are often considered waste into refined design pieces after extensive theoretical and practical research. Fernando’s work is preoccupied with sustainability, the loss of biodiversity, community disenfranchisement and the politics of food.

Helen Slater Stokes, Future Heritage | Decorex International


Based in Oxfordshire, Helen Slater Stokes' artwork draws inspiration from the landscape and its perception within changing environments. Her work explores the creation of the 3D or spatial image, within glass, and the notion of glass as a facilitator, in working with and challenging our perception of space.



By taking an experimental approach to digital tools Lynne MacLachlan Studio has pioneered the use of 3D printing alongside traditional making skills to produce sculptural jewellery and objects.


“Exhibiting as part of Future Heritage was a fantastic opportunity. Curator Corinne Julius gave us a lot of freedom to develop new concepts and we were able to present the final pieces to an audience familiar with the highest standards and quality of design … Decorex and Future Heritage are very popular, attracting high profiled, international industry names and we established a valuable network from taking part. We had many useful and interesting conversations about our work with architects and interior designers.”

Hideki Yoshimoto, Future Heritage Alumnus

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