Future Heritage - Alumni of 2018

Since its inception at Decorex in 2014, Future Heritage has established itself as the showcase of craft to collect and commission. This year, renowned applied arts and design critic and curator Corinne Julius returns with a carefully selected group of designers and makers who represent the pinnacle of contemporary making.

With alumni including Marcin Rusak, Katie Spragg, Tangent, Peter Marigold, Raw Edges and Max Lamb, the exhibition has proven itself as a launch pad for tomorrow’s stars and the natural home of leading contemporary designers.

Tord Boontje Future Heritage


Known for a romantic style of contemporary design, Boontje’s work is experimental with a strong interest in storytelling, nature, decoration, materials and technology. He has created an entirely new body of work for Decorex 2018, including a moon and planetary-inspired floor standing light, a metal wired chair and vases made of metal and blown glass.

Domenica Landin Future heritage Decorex Interior Design


In an exploration of ephemeral volume, such as the wind, Landin develops the idea of materialising an intangible volume to create a wall piece in gloriously coloured, printed aluminium aimed for interior installations.

Karlyn Sutherland Future Heritage Decorex Interior Design


Sutherland’s practice explores the bond between people and place through glass and architecture. At Decorex 2018, she will draw on the unattainable view and inaccessible space suggested by perspective drawings and renderings to explore this dialogue, presenting a series of architectural wall-mounted works and tables.

Alison White & Marlene McKibbin Decorex Future Heritage Interior Design


Renowned as a jeweller and textile artist respectively, have celebrated a long friendship and mutual admiration of each other's work, by collaborating on a series of lights that balance rhythm, form, light and shadow. 

Studio Ayaskan Decorex Interior Design Future heritage


Founded by twin sisters Begum and Bike Ayaskan, Studio Ayaskan is a London-based experimental art and design studio focusing on time-based products, spaces, lights, installations and artworks with the experimental and poetic use of materials, technologies and crafts. For Decorex they are creating 2 new installations.

Kaori Tatebayashi Decorex future heritage interior design


A ceramicist born in Arita, Japan – the home of Imari pottery – Tatebayashi will base her work on the plants that grow around Decorex’s picturesque Syon Park home as inspiration, aiming to create lasting odes, in the form of ceramic installations, to the ephemeral state of the natural world.

Rebecca De Quinn Future heritage decorex interior design


Silversmith and fine metalworker De Quin designs and makes domestic metal artifacts that respect the traditions of metal crafts and occupy a meaningful place within contemporary living. At Decorex 2018, she will design and make three large-scale wall panels with detachable elements that can be removed and used on the table as bowls or dishes.

Katrin Spranger Decorex future heritage interior design


Spranger’s current project Aquatopia takes a critical view of our fresh water supplies, its increasing demand and pollution. She uses found objects, including original plumbing parts and laboratory objects and repurposes them using electroforming to create useable sculptures. Katrin is collaborating with Chadder & Co to create a complete sculptural Victorian bath. 

Jochen Holz Decorex future heritage interior design


A technically trained glassblower who specialises in lampworking, Holz is one of very few glassblowers using boroscillicate lampworking in a creative context. For Decorex 2018, he will apply his practice to form organic, free-flowing glass and neon lighting pieces including 2 chandeliers and a number of table lights. 

Jie Wu Decorex future heritage interior design


Wu’s designs seek to unravel a dialogue between the natural and the man-made. Through clashing and merging wood and resin in different conditions, Wu creates a variety of exquisite boxes. Her work examines what humanity deems valuable, and foregrounds the impact of humans on the Earth. 

James Shaw Decorex future heritage interior design


Shaw investigates radical manufacture in a hands-on way; his interest is in the material associations and perceptions of contemporary and future culture. He has a particular interest in making recycled plastics beautiful and valuable. At Decorex he is creating a fountain, table, stools and vessels in his 'Plastic Baroque' series. 

Glithero Decorex future heritage interior design


The Anglo-Dutch, multidisciplinary design studio formed by Tim Simpson and Sarah van Gameren fuses conceptual ideas with innovative making techniques. Glithero’s work often explores the transformative nature of time as it passes. At Decorex 2018, the studio will showcase a new series of botanical tiles, rugs and huge hand-turned vases.

Francesco Feltrin


Feltrin is a recent graduate with an interest in thinking through making. His inventive techniques include developing a new way of slip casting ceramics as well as working with Jesominte, by burning his moulds. He is making completely new work for Decorex.

Marcin Rusak Future Heritage Decorex interior design


Marcin is making a welcome return to Future Heritage after the success of his Flora range in 2015. His new work MRM, has a very different aesthetic. It explores metal and it's potential for subtle colour. He is producing a coffee table, console, drinks cabinet and vessels for Future Heritage.

Niela Kalra


Nielanell, founded by designer Niela Kalra, in the Shetland Islands, Scotland in 2008, produces inventive, limited edition, knitted textiles for interiors and fashion. Kalra has also collaborated on two collections with Scottish glass artist Karlyn Sutherland to produce subtle geometric knits. The newest—Haar—premieres at Future Heritage, Decorex 2018.