GB United Kingdom
Stand No: F2
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: B30

Jennifer Manners Design specialises in elegant bespoke rugs and exquisite textiles. Each piece is crafted by hand creating one-of-a-kind pieces that become heirlooms for generations to come.

Launching at Decorex 2018 is one of Jennifer’s most personal collections so far: Modern Africa. This range of sumptuous, hand knotted rugs is born of her true admiration for the continent where she spent several years living, working and travelling.

The designs are all influenced by textiles, objects, photographs, stories and memories that Jennifer accumulated throughout her journey. Inspiration hails from Cameroon and Ethiopia to Burundi and the open plains of the Serengeti.

Abrashed colours, cut and loop piles and unique blends of wool and luscious bamboo silk come to life in each of the seven designs – each carrying a story at their core. Each piece is made by hand, knot-by-knot, by skilled weavers in Nepal, where the art of rug making is centuries old.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: F2
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: K30

At Jo Downs we hand make stunning bespoke pieces of glass wall art, sculpture, panels and lighting using a technique called fusing.  This technique uses multiple layers of colours and textures to create unique pieces for private and corporate clients worldwide.  The beauty of glass is that each creation lets light flood through while capturing strands and playing with them, changing the surrounding shadows and reflections.

Based in Cornwall, our studio headed by Jo herself, has created and installed pieces of all scopes and scales from shoals of glass fish that shimmer with the reflections of the water in spa and pool areas, to huge show stopping panels in lobbies of world class hotels. 

Images and words don't relay the textural, tactile and multi-faceted undulations that you just have to touch…so you’ll have to come and see us at stand K30!

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E31

Joanna Bird is an international Gallery owner, Curator and Consultant with over thirty years experience in the art world as a practitioner, agent and commentator.

Joanna offers comprehensive collecting and curatorial advice, from searching out the ideal work of art for her client through her extensive knowledge of the field, to arranging a bespoke commission. She frequently collaborates with architects and interior designers including David Mlinaric, to ensure the perfect setting for a collection. The frisson of juxtaposing the old and the new is a constant in her capacity as curator, further demonstrating how Decorative Arts can enrich the world of Fine Art.

In 2012 Joanna set up the Joanna Bird Foundation, with a mission to support emerging talents and to explore new concepts in the field of the decorative arts. Marking the line, ceramics and architecture, was the Foundation’s inaugural touring exhibition followed recently by the film Richard Batterham, Master Potter.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: F2

Jochen Holz makes one-off glass objects in his studio in east London.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: C36
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: J20A

Jonathan Coles heads a team of designers, engineers and craftsmen who share his passion for making exquisite, finely engineered decorative lights.  
At Jonathan Coles Studio we design and make products which showcase our craft, our understanding of light and use of solid materials. With a balance of imagination and meticulous attention to detail our collection of lights compliment, transform and define any space.
We have collaborated with leading interior designers, architects across the world on commercial, public and private projects. Recently this includes Victoria and Albert Museum, Burberry, Jude Law, Jimmy Choo, Paul Smith and Stella McCartney.
At Decorex 2017 Jonathan launched his first collection of products to great success.
This year at Decorex we are launching three new lights to add to our collection, including our Fresnel Table light with signature lens and touch dimmable base, The Copper Leaf organic Pendant and The beautifully balanced six-arm Fresnel Chandelier. 

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: K54

Jonathan Rogers is a highly acclaimed glass designer/maker of exquisite blown glass vessels and lighting from his UK studio. Each piece is unique, created by artisan skills often highly complex in techniques. These intricate processes result in an effortless and breath-taking appearance, belying the many hours dedicated to its creation.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: H27

At Jones Interiors we are renowned for outstanding collections of curtain poles, tiebacks, trimmings & accessories and for providing interior specialists with sourced and manufactured products to create striking window and home décor.

BE Belgium
Stand No: D41

Dedicated to warm interiors with style and craftmanship.

We guide you in the development of an integrated concept for the complete interior.

Where applicable, we offer tailored and bespoke work to succeed in designing unique projects.

All JUDECO products are made in Europe, with final assembly and finishing in our own workshop in Belgium.

Our collections are:

- Luxury lighting in Brass and Wood

- Innovative LED lighting solutions in Brass

- Carved consoles and small furnitures

- Extensive artisanal mirror collection

- Seating furniture upholstered with luxury brand fabrics, or by your own selection.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: B59
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E41

Bring the Luxe, Lifestyle Look Into Your Home

Lifestyle brand and fabric specialists, KAI features inspirational designs, creating a unique 'lifestyle' look, which will add infinite style to your home.

The KAI name was derived from the concept of it’s meaning ‘earth’, ‘sea’, and ‘tree’, which represent the ever-changing nature of the elements.

With a continual creation of new designs, techniques and styles, all developed by a talented in-house design team.

The inspiration for the brand is taken from global influences, to create a fresh aesthetic which is both luxurious and enduringly comfortable. Influences include nature, geometry and architecture, allowing KAI to create an exceptional range of designs that feel contemporary and timeless designs for your living space.

KAI – Be Inspired.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: F2
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: F2
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: A30
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: F2

As an artist, Katrin Spranger creates jewellery and sculpture that deals with science fiction, environment and consumer culture. Focusing on resources that might become depleted in the future,  Katrin explores natural materials including crude oil, water and honey to develop wearable but also time-based and interactive pieces.

In her recent dystopian narrative "Aquatopia", pure water is on the verge of depletion and the precious resource is venerated by keeping consumption and waste to the bare minimum.

Inspired by traditional water systems, the Aquatopia objects were created as futuristic and reimagined drinking vessels, scooping bowls, storages and shower funnels that engage original plumbing parts and laboratory found objects.

Made of copper and glass, materials traditionally used for transporting and storing water, the craft objects straddle the line between function, imagined function and aesthetic quality.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: CW9

                   KEVIN STAMPER

The tantalizing tipping point between a simple collection of coloured squares and an identifiable image has always fascinated Kevin Stamper; as the eye takes in his work, the mind tries to organize the image into a recognizable object or impression.  The viewer moves closer, then withdraws, squints and tilts their head as an image begins to explain itself, sometimes immediately, sometimes evolving at a gentler pace as the composition is dwelt upon.

The squares, or pixels, are made from hand-dyed sycamore veneer and each one is unique, possessing its own natural grain pattern and texture.  He enjoys the way this gives the material its own voice and an element of control over the final picture.  He uses the process on both furniture and wall hanging art works, pushing the boundaries on what is possible and accepted with the use of wood and veneers and creating fine, hand-made objects of desire.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: C21

Established in 1982, King & McGaw are the UK’s leading retailer of quality art prints and frames. A commitment to artistry and craftsmanship has established King & McGaw as the trusted supplier of art print products for hotels, interior designers, retailers and museums and heritage institutions across the world. Discover an impressive collection of art prints from Sir John Soane’s Museum, featuring works by Turner, Canaletto, Hogarth, Piranesi, Gandy and Ledoux.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: G31

Knots Rugs is a London based designer rug company with a flagship showroom on the Kings Road, Chelsea.

Led by MD and head designer Bonnie Sutton, they are known as one of the UK’s most innovative and artistic rug companies, their exquisite and sophisticated creations adorning the most luxurious of homes around the world.

Knots Rugs has its rug roots spanning 3 generations starting in the 1930’s with Bonnie Sutton’s grandfather Alfred Sutton a true artist and talented restorer, expert of antique, oriental carpets and textiles.

With a keen eye for design and a fine art aesthetic Bonnie started Knots Rugs back in 2007 in memory of his work and passion.

PT Portugal
Stand No: H38

Daring design aesthetic, high impact events, lavish presentations, notoriously risqué ad campaigns and inspiring editorial, have an uncanny way of conveying KOKET’s mission to inspire love and empower through its statement pieces and unique design driven experiences and content. 

The innate desire to seduce and entice its devotees is perfectly illustrated in the Guilty Pleasures and Exotic Opulence Collections composed of dramatic case goods, luscious upholstery, exquisite lighting and decadent furs; all of which mesmerize with their magical mineral medleys, lux metallics, vibrant jewel tones and exotic peacock feathers.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: B33
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: H33

LASVIT presents new lighting collection created by well known designers such as Yabu Pushelberg, Kengo Kuma or Jan Plecháč & Henry Wielgus. LASVIT is a creative hub of fresh ideas and daring designs that inspires the world.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: A40

Le Deun Luminaires is a French company specialising in refined and contemporary electronic lighting with low energy consumption.

Our creations are designed and produced by our team in France. The initial steps of production take place in our Workshop in Poitiers and products are perfected in our Atelier in Paris. 



The philosophy behind Le Deun Luminaires is the pursuit of simplicity and purity; this is what endows our designs with the integrity that has allowed the brand to endure.  We believe that function must inform the shape, which is why we only work with the simplest of geometrical forms.  Together with the highest quality of electronic components, exclusively designed for us, we strive to create the most perfect and efficient object, which is very far from purely decorative lighting. 

IT Italy
Stand No: B53

Lemma Floors is a craft company committed to create high quality wooden and multimaterial floors.
The company is able to meet any kind of request and to manage any project, from small to large, in Italy and abroad.
Lemma Floors always selects the best materials and offers each client the highest level of competence of its artisans. Therefore the final product is always a custom-made, unique and distinguished product.
The use of old manual techniques of the Italian artisan tradition together with an advanced equipment is guarantee of high quality, authenticity and precision.
Today LEMMA’s creations enrich some of the most exclusive residences all over the world and the company
has become a valuable benchmark for luxury and bespoke products, which are able to satisfy the most
demanding customers.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: A75

Leporello - Bespoke furniture hand made to order in England.

Leporello's new  Evo Dining furniture will be showcased at Decorex this year to complement their award-winning Contemporary Evo Collection.

Leporello a family business based in Surrey specialise in the design and production of an exceptional range of both hand painted and polished wood furniture including  Contemporary and Classic designs for Dining, Bedroom, Children and Occasional Furniture.

Bespoke services include custom made sizes/finishes and one-off designs for both residential and hotel projects.

Leporello offer  a reliable professional service from design concept to delivery and installation. International shipping can be arranged.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: B50

Handcrafted wallcoverings perfect for transforming walls into magnificent centre pieces or statement backdrops.

Manufactured since 1877, Lincrusta is still highly desired and admired across the world. We’ve long understood what it takes to create a lasting impression. And not long after launching in Britain, the appeal of Lincrusta’s wallcoverings soon spread across the globe. This has made us a great British success story where skills and craft have stood the test of time. Today, we are extremely proud that our products are still made exclusively here in the UK and that they continue to enhance the interiors of the most desirable addresses the world over.

Absolutely unique and exceptionally beautiful, our wallcoverings remain unsurpassed for their deeper emboss, exquisite detail and enduring strength.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: F1

Handcrafted wallcoverings perfect for transforming walls into magnificent centre pieces or statement backdrops.

Manufactured since 1877, Lincrusta is still highly desired and admired across the world. We’ve long understood what it takes to create a lasting impression. And not long after launching in Britain, the appeal of Lincrusta’s wallcoverings soon spread across the globe. This has made us a great British success story where skills and craft have stood the test of time. Today, we are extremely proud that our products are still made exclusively here in the UK and that they continue to enhance the interiors of the most desirable addresses the world over.

Absolutely unique and exceptionally beautiful, our wallcoverings remain unsurpassed for their deeper emboss, exquisite detail and enduring strength.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: A59

Our Artisan collection ‘Battle Great Wood’ was inspired by the ‘Arts & Crafts’ movement in England & the philosophy that promoted craftsmanship and hand-made designs. All Lindsay Alker’s designs begin in the studio with a drawing & then a hand cut lino block.These are translated into a silkscreen & printed by a 50 year old family run Artisan printers in England on natural linens & wallpapers. 
‘Battle Great Wood’ featuring running deer is our signature print. Deer and woodland scenes have appeared traditionally on fabrics and tapestries since medieval times in England. 
Our simple colour palette is inspired by Shaker interiors & natural vegetable dyes.
At Decorex 2018 we launch our design ‘Bani Park’ hand printed in indigo and red on natural linen. A simple classic block print featuring tree & chevron motifs, which will compliment both traditional & contemporary interiors.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: A36

Little Greene is an independent, British paint manufacturer, committed to the socially and environmentally responsible production of high quality paints and wallpapers.

We are particularly proud of our paints’ depth of colour. Reassuringly high pigment levels (over 40% more pigment than many ordinary paints), give Little Greene paints an unequalled depth of colour and a true point of difference.

Little Greene wallpapers are a beautiful complement to the company's paint palette. Each collection resurrects designs found in forgotten archives, employing specialist printing methods on the finest grade papers to give the wallpapers their sophisticated textures, elegant appearance, durability and longevity.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: A23

Loom Furniture Ltd, based in Worcestershire, UK, are excited to be launching at Decorex International this September.

Loom offer a range of furniture incorporating fine metalwork, timber, glass, stone and leather.

With focus on exceptional quality, every piece of Loom furniture is available in a variety of finishes and includes a contrasting accent detail which can be selected to suit/compliment your interior scheme.

With experience in working with private clients & professional interior designers, Loom appreciate the need for attention to detail and exceptional service.



GB United Kingdom
Stand No: CW3



Louis Jobst is very happy to Announce he will be showcasing his debut series The Monument Collection alongside latest editions at Decorex 2018. His innovative and striking designs won him the 2017 Elle Decoration British Design Award for Accessories. Jobst’ designs draw influence from his education and professional background in architecture and sculpture fabrication, specifically focusing on material, form and function for his collection. 

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: F28A

Lumitrix is a photographic gallery representing a carefully curated, unique, vibrant and eclectic portfolio.  All pieces are limited edition fine art prints, available in a variety of sizes and frames. Print production & framing is hand-finished, ensuring the very highest level of quality and service.

PT Portugal
Stand No: H45
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: F26

MAB is celebrating 40 years of making fine furniture.

Handcrafted contemporary furniture from Portugal since 1978.  The MAB family is dedicated in creating the most unique designs in the market place today, offering over 80 finishes with a bespoke service, available to fine furniture stores, interior designers and specifiers.

We will be showcasing our new Monte Carlo dining collection together with our newly introduced upholstery and occasional collections.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: H21

MAHOUT LIFESTYLE is the leading UK designer and weaver of Indian Flatwoven dhurries. We have the largest collection of designs in the UK and possibly Europe. We are constantly creating new designs and this year we are excited to introduce our 100% premium wool collection of designs. They are soft, sophisticated and fabulous!

Our USP of the business is the bespoke service where you and your client can choose the design, size, yarn and colours to suit the scheme that you are working on, all within a lead time of 8 weeks. Specifiers for hotels and commercial projects find this extremely useful and efficient.

FR France
Stand No: D44

Drucker’s bistro chairs have become over time a symbol of the Parisian identity.

The know-how of DRUCKER, creator of furniture in rattan, especially the French bistro chair, is passed on from generation to generation since the 19th century. From the beginning, creativeness has been Drucker’s first concern with the permanent concern to keep the best of past while creating relentlessly with the best material available. 

Drucker manufactures custom products : it means that when you ask Drucker to create your furniture, you choose their shape, their colors and their pattern, creating your personalized design.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E54

Antique Encaustic Tiles:

Maitland & Poate is a family-run business. Driven by a passion for stunning tiles and interiors, we travelled the sunny region of Andalucia in Southern Spain – Sevilla to Cadiz to San Ferdnando, accompanied by our very young children. We were determined to find the best suppliers of the highest quality reclaimed antique tiles.

New Handmade Encaustic Tiles:

Our love for old tiles lead us to into another area, new and beautifully designed encaustic cement tiles, handmade using the original techniques from Valencia and Cordoba.

Lime Paints discovered in Sweden:

Another interior aspect was inspired by the plastered, textured finishes you find more commonly across Europe. Our Lime Paints come in beautiful soft and neutral ranges. The finish is both textured and deep adding warmth and character to a room. The paints are eco friendly and far healthier to live with than oil or emulsion paints.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: J36
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: F19

March & May will be exhibiting hand printed linen fabric for the second time at Decorex this year. 

Moroccan patterns and crafts form the inspiration for a new collection of fresh and striking designs in a versatile range of hand mixed colours.


GB United Kingdom
Stand No: F2

Long interested in process and material investigation, Marcin Rusak, known for his flower infused Flora collection, is realising a new furniture brand focused on the painterly qualities of merging metals. MRM (Marcin Rusak Manufacture) is the designers new venture that aims to bring artistic expression to the industrial processes around objects made with metal. The furniture collection spans from understated pieces to statement sculptural works, capturing the expressive essence of working with liquified metals. 

MRM was sparked from a desire to bring some level of emotional expressionism into the furniture landscape, as found in abstract paintings. The objects are literally painted with bronze, brass, copper, aluminium as if they were three-dimensional canvases. They homogenise the complexity of abstract painting with simplicity of minimalist sculpture. They can either seamlessly integrate with their surroundings, or stand out, enhancing the space with their deep colours and rich tactile textures.

BE Belgium
Stand No: K43

25 years have been sufficient for  Marie’s Corner to impose itself internationally as a referential brand in the sofa universe “made in Belgium”.

Belgian, up to the end of the seams, the company always has distinguished itself by its facility to reinterpret the European design tendencies in the very heart of its creations. Exceeding mastery in the art of combining shapes, colours and materials, Marie’s Corner creates its unique and elegant style, comfort being the common denominator.


Marie’s Corner accomplishes customized and personalized sofas upon request with respect for a tradition of craftsmanship. 200 exclusive models, 300 finishings and an infinity of possible combinations, turn each piece into a unique creation. Simultaneously ageless and ahead of its time, Marie’s Corner has always developed iconic models, designed to adapt to the anyone’s desire.


IT Italy
Stand No: F25

Marine Leather was born in 1930 as a family-run leather company and now it is one of the most well-known tanneries on the high-end market. It creates leather for indoor and outdoor use for the hospitality, residential and yachting industries and it is a trusted partner for architects, interior designers, decorators and contractors worldwide. The firm keeps its passion for craftsmanship as well as its leather-making heritage but it is constantly working towards continuous experimentation and innovative technologies.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: F2
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: D18

Founded by Martin and Pamela Huxford in 2014, the award winning studio is known for Martin’s elegant, architectural lighting and furniture design, handmade exclusively in England. 

Martin Huxford’s design work is characterised by an innovative modern style, his use of beautiful materials, and outstanding craftsmanship. At the core of the collection are centrepiece chandeliers, custom stairwell lights, wall, table and floor lights. Contemporary sculptural console and side tables in brass and marble, and large jewel-like verre eglomise mirrors in convex and concave shapes complete the collection.

With the focus on individually handcrafted lighting and furniture, Martin Huxford works closely with clients to create limited edition and bespoke pieces, as well as offering custom versions of the lighting, furniture and mirror catalogue designs.  


PT Portugal
Stand No: H23b
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: B40

With over 30 years experience servicing the interior design and decorator market; Matthew Wailes specialises in the design, production and installation of the finest hand and machine made carpets and rugs for both residential & commercial applications. We provide a full supply & installation service of the very highest quality, whether that be for one-off custom rugs or for larger fully fitted installations.

PT Portugal
Stand No: J35

Dedication, experience, retirement, passion for art and production are the key words to the success of MBN. By having an excellent team of professionals with a taste for art, the company´s day to day is invaded by great activity, experiences and good mood.

BE Belgium
Stand No: J34

Our love of art and textiles requires that we create unique and bespoke objets de désir. Every limited piece that we have created is designed, woven and embroidered  all while steeped in the grand tradition of Flemish artisanship and innovation. The time has come for slow living objects. We offer Wallpanels and Roomdividers  that enhance every interior in a unique and artful way. They will bring undisputed elegance and esteemed style to your personal interior, boutique or design hotel. The long forgotten craft of Tapestry holds the unique possibility of interweaving its own 5 warp and 4 weft yarns into over 90 different bindings, different colors shades or different structures. 

PT Portugal
Stand No: G27A
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: J44

Our mission is to rescue walls from the background! 

We merge pattern with light and transform walls and wallpaper into works of art - inspiring a new way of looking at interior surfaces.

LED & OLED wallpaper adds no thickness and is completely flexible.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: E26

Liang and Eimil is the brand name of MFUK Design & Furniture Ltd.  It is a business-to-business wholesaler of luxury furniture, lighting and accessories with a unique design. We aim to continuously present our new exclusive range of fine furniture collection and accessories designed to inspire you the interior design industry.

We believe that furniture and design can produce emotions that transform our daily lives into something memorable. With many years in the furniture design industry, we provide creative solutions to our clients, adding value to their business.

Being inspired by classic designs, but rooted in the present, our innovative modern collection is intended to complement and enhance your interior designs. We are committed to sustain our competitive edge by continuously developing new collections and focusing on our customers’ needs – providing quality, design, value and service.

PT Portugal
Stand No: J35

Born and raised in Lisboa, Se7e represents the
city 7 hills. From up here, we see the world.
We are a multidisciplinary team from Portugal,
Iceland and Italy. Together in a research center
that is also studio and a workshop. Every
day we look at daily objects and shape them
in a new way. The trick, never take them for
granted. Imagining, but doing. Trying and
asking. Between creatives and artisans, the
answer is built. Every Se7e product is designed
and produced in Portugal.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: H48

Mimi Pickard's fabrics and wallpapers are hand-printed in England using silk screens, creating a 'hand made' and painterly finish. Inspired by the Bloomsbury Group and Henri Matisse, the designs are naive in style, with a strong sense of colour and shape. The fabrics are 100% Linen.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: B21A

Cult British homewares brand Mini Moderns was established in 2006 by London based designers, Keith Stephenson and Mark Hampshire. Sharing a passion for social history, their 'pattern with a story' is influenced by childhood memories, popular culture and travel, across a range of products including wallpapers, cushions and enamelware.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: J40

Interdisciplinary British designer Miranda Watkins, creates innovative designs for contemporary interiors. Based in central London, the studio enjoys a diverse range of creative projects, from large-scale commissioned artworks to mass-produced designs for global brands.

Across the interior collection comprising: lighting, mobile sculptures, furniture and tabletop products, Miranda embraces both traditional techniques and industrial processes in her designs. Whether hand crafted or precision engineered, her work is known for it's exquisite quality, using high-grade materials, flawlessly hand finished exclusively in British workshops.

Permanent collections include: Royal Institute of British Architects; Victoria and Albert Museum; Sheffield Museum; Vitra Museum

Clients include: Calvin Klein, Swatch Group, Burberry, Universal Music Group, Orient Express, Wallpaper*, Balineum, Skagen, Deutsche Bank...

ES Spain
Stand No: E52

Put simply, the heritage of ROLS is making exquisite carpets. The heart of our ethos is the bond between the skilled craftsmen and prime materials selected for every Rols carpet.

From our humble beginning, through a century of global change and technological advance, Moquetas Rols has evolved to become a market leading manufacturer of premium quality woven carpets.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: H20

Mourne Textiles is a family-run design-led manufacturer of handwoven products based in County Down, Northern Ireland. For three generations their master weavers have produced the mid-century visions of Norwegian design pioneer and founder, Gerd Hay-Edie, using high-quality custom-spun yarns. Now led by Gerd’s grandson Mario Sierra, Mourne Textiles offers a range of contemporary home furnishings inspired by a rich weaving heritage.

PT Portugal
Stand No: J35

MURANTI is a furniture brand which creates an equilibrium between the mind and the heart of any interior decoration. We find our inspiration on those thrills.

We have two collections: one inspired by the handcrafted way of finding the gemstone and another inspired by the spectacular tones of gemstones, crystals and rocks.

The name of our brand is itself a mystery as well as the more precious stones hidden in the most rare places on our planet. Each stone is unique by its special color, texture and radiance, making them rare and desirable, just like our brand is!