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GB United Kingdom
Stand No: G24

Benjamin Rice is a photographer creating huge photographs of the marriage between nature and human endeavour, presented in limited editions of nine. 

The precision and variety of nature's enrichment is only revealed when seen at this scale.

The visible detail allows you to practically touch, perhaps even smell the terrain.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: F28A

Lumitrix is a photographic gallery representing a carefully curated, unique, vibrant and eclectic portfolio.  All pieces are limited edition fine art prints, available in a variety of sizes and frames. Print production & framing is hand-finished, ensuring the very highest level of quality and service.

BE Belgium
Stand No: J34

Our love of art and textiles requires that we create unique and bespoke objets de désir. Every limited piece that we have created is designed, woven and embroidered  all while steeped in the grand tradition of Flemish artisanship and innovation. The time has come for slow living objects. We offer Wallpanels and Roomdividers  that enhance every interior in a unique and artful way. They will bring undisputed elegance and esteemed style to your personal interior, boutique or design hotel. The long forgotten craft of Tapestry holds the unique possibility of interweaving its own 5 warp and 4 weft yarns into over 90 different bindings, different colors shades or different structures. 

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: A37
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: B49

Quintessa Art is a unique studio and International consultancy which offers highly specialist bespoke painting, prints, framing, and textural wall sculptures. With over 30 years experience, Quintessa has worked with some of the leading interior design practices in the UK and Internationally. Its client portfolio is full of high-end luxury residential and commercial projects. From Superyachts, to boutique hotels or private residences, and from the contemporary to the traditional, Quintessa's team of in-house artists, master framers, gilders and technicians offer a truly bespoke service. From one-off pieces to much larger procurement projects, it has experience of creating original design suggestions for clients, and then producing them at the very highest level. With a vast amount of knowledge on complex shipping and installation issues, it works with a longstanding network of established partners to ensure international and local project timelines are always met. 

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: B25