Jaguar and the Crow Cocktail Cabinet

Zelouf & Bell’s Jaguar and the Crow Cocktail Cabinet seems to spring from the mythical past, part jungle, part Gatsby-era party. The Makassar ebony cabinet is inlaid with a wraparound burr walnut branch, upon which a marquetry crow is perched, keeping watch over the figured mahogany and black bolivar jaguar, baring its mother of pearl teeth, flashing a mother of pearl eye. The Makassar ebony interior features a charcoal shagreen bar-top above a drawer which opens by touch, concealing a shagreen tray. A dreamy stainless steel panel mirrors the bar ware; vivid graphic absinthe bottles tattoo the interior doors , as if emerging from some wild Art Deco-era soirée. The cabinet’s handles are concealed in the burr branch; a chrome-plated solid brass plinth elevates the cabinet. Hand rubbed high gloss lacquer finish. Photo by Roland Paschhoff.