Unnatural Flooring Company

Unnatural Flooring specialises in offering practical, cleanable, but most importantly beautiful flooring solutions for all the tricky areas in both domestic homes and commercial environments.

We supply homes, restaurants, hotels and offices with great looking flooring that allows you to enjoy life without the fear of ruining your floor coverings.

All of our products are designed to have the look and feel of natural fibre floorings, but with none of the impractical issues that are associated with sisal, wool or sea grass.

Our floorings can withstand the rigours of modern life - pets, red wine spillages and liquid spills, and can be easily wet cleaned for a spotless finish.

We are an independantly owned company and design products that we would want to use in our own homes.

With over 30 years of developing brilliant problem solving and great looking floor coverings, we understand the importance of getting the right product for the right environment. It all starts with the floor.

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