Smet UK Ltd

The 'De Smet'​ family has been crafting individual staircases for over 20 years. We have now produced and installed more than 20,000 examples across Europe. The company currently employs 45 craftsmen and each staircase is truly a unique piece of art. The range of our previous commissions in the UK span from circa £10,000 up to £130,000, with the average project costing around £20,000. Smet is probably the biggest and most sophisticated producer of high quality staircases in Europe. We have, what is probably the largest staircase showroom with 65 full height examples, it is in Northern Belgium adjacent to our workshop and head office, it is easily accessible by Euro-star in 90 minutes, from London. Customers are particularly pleased with this feature, as it enables them to ‘pick and mix’ design cues, to obtain the exact features that will turn their dreams into reality.


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